Thursday, March 5, 2009


Several years ago I bought a packet of freesias to grow indoors. I thought they would brighten the winter home. They grew lanky and although I had a few blooms it really could be counted as a disaster. Neglected, I threw the bulbs into a box in the shed I had about 5 decent ones left. Last fall I came across these rather sad bulbs and planted them with little hope that anything would come of them. I didn't even know if they were hardy. 
Imagine my surprise when they started to grow and put out some pretty healthy leaves. Now there is a clump with about 10 flower stalks. The first one opened up today. A beautiful magenta. Something has been having a nibble at the flower buds but I am hopeful for some more blooms and I can't wait to see what colors show up. All I remember were a few yellows which I found disappointing.
I am so thrilled!


  1. Just beautiful! I've never been brave enough to even try - who'd have thought it possible?

  2. Pretty! I threw some white freesia bulbs in one of my beds and nothing came up. They were supposed to be fragrant. Are yours scented?

  3. She is a stunner, and obviously prefers the Texas outdoors!
    I always love the suprises in a yard, where did you buy them out of curiousity?

  4. Does it smell??
    Out of doors and in March: it is a miracle.
    I grew mine inside the greenhouse, and You have reminded me to get some more corms straightaway.

    A lovely small greenhouse is arriving next week and they will go in there as first occupants. Thanks for the idea.
    I wish I knew how to make a link below, to show you my (now disappeared) freesias.