Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I think I am most fortunate to be a gardener. When I wake up in the morning I can't wait to get outside and see which new flower will have opened. At this time of the year it seems as though it is a daily occurrence, which makes it all the more exciting. Every plant is in a hurry to bloom, probably because it knows that a Texas summer is on the way and they had better make the most of the cooler days; not that the last few days have been cooler with a new record of 86 degrees set the other day. Just the other day this chocolate daisy, Berlandiera lyrata, pictured above, which I saw for the first time this morning with all its petals unfurled, was nothing but a green bud.

You can just see the buds of the future petals.

So, I called D outside and said "get down and smell this flower and tell me what you think" "Wow" he exclaimed "it smells like chocolate" Right on. Hence its name chocolate daisy. It is growing quite happily in the sunken garden and has been for years. 

In the same garden the white wine cup, Callirhoe involucrata 'lineariloba', seems quite at home on the upper level. Despite being nibbled by the cotton rats it is now a mass of flowers. It is rather an aggressive plant having overtaken a calylophus some years ago.

Chives are flowering in the herb garden.

Not being much of a note taker and not much good at record keeping, it is no surprise that I have no idea of the name of this double narcissus. Only that it has the most fragrant flower. Perhaps someone can identify it for me.

With such a poor showing of bluebonnets outside the walls I relented and let them stay in the front garden. We always eat lunch here on a sunny day and it isn't easy to pick our way to the seating but I'll save these seeds to replant areas outside.

I even posed for a photo among them.


  1. Nice to see you both in pictures, Jenny. I've never seen that white winecup before. It's very pretty. I'm waiting for my wine-colored ones to bloom--won't be long.

  2. Jenny,
    I'm so glad you are allowing the sweet little lupins to stay.
    You two are having such fun out there in the sun. We are slogging away, hats, scarves and wristwarmers, trying to get a new patio ready for my alpine house, digging whopping big holes for the bare-root roses arriving any day now and fighting the invading groundelder. No time for lunch, and certainly not outside :-)
    You are indeed fortunate with that sub-tropical climate.

  3. Pam- The white wine cup isn't quite as pretty as the magenta one but it certainly makes a beautiful clump. Not as sprawling as the other. There are many seedlings in the cracks but I don't know which variety as I have both plants.
    Joco- My husband didn't have much fun yesterday as he was busy cutting a channel in some concrete to help with a drainage problem. He does get a lot of the rotten jobs. With all the new projects you are doing how on earth do you keep up with everything? An alpine garden sounds wonderful. Have you ever been to Lakeland Horticultural Society at Holehird Gardens? They have the prettiest alpine greenhouse. I am always thinking of making some hypertuffa troughs to have a little go at that but somehow there is no time. Looking forward to your posting of the new areas. Oh and please warm that weather up before we get there.

  4. That's a great photo of you in the bluebonnets especially given the wildflower T-shirt.

    You have so many interesting flowers. I like that white wine cup. I love the jewel toned color of the red wine cups but this one is very delicate and appealing.

  5. Agree that's a great photo of you in the bluebonnets, Jenny! The daffodil looks kind of familiar - like one I grew in Illinois. Any chance you planted 'Erlicheer'?

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. Hi you have a wonderful blog. I was curious about Callirhoe involucrata var. lineariloba. I am looking all over for a source to buy it form but I cannot find anyone that has the variegated variety that you have. Could you please let me know where you got it?

    1. I got it at the Lady Bird Johnson WIldflower center sale. I think I lost it this summer as I don't see any evidence of its leaves. I must try to get another one as it is much more manageable than the magenta one.