Thursday, August 27, 2009


Now this is what I call a hot flower. Tithonia rotundifolia x torch, a Mexican sunflower, has a  color hot enough to match our sizzling summer days. I had forgotten that I threw out a packet of seeds earlier this summer. As I cleaned away some of the invasive Texas sunflowers there she was. Butterflies love this plant and it is not surprising as the flower is a beacon in a sea of green.  But if you think this is hot look below.

I was repotting some succulents and left a plastic container with gravel in the sun. When  I went back later in the day the plastic container had melted! I might try cooking eggs out there tomorrow!


  1. Good lord. Forget frying eggs on the's more like a microwave outside!

  2. That's a knock-your-socks-off orange and looks great against the sea of green. I believe I got some Tithonia seeds last spring and need to throw some out this fall (or next spring?).

    I'm not at all surprised to see the melted plastic container. Yeesh.

  3. It is hard for me to imagine the heat you must get for the container to melt like that. It has aready turner cooler in Ontario, 21 degrees yesterday. Autumn is approaching!

  4. OMG melted plastic. This looks how I feel when out in the sun. Just shows you need to be in the shade during that time. The tithonia is a gorgeous plant. I love that screaming orange.

  5. Now, that's hot! Did you, like Pam, get rain?~~Dee

  6. Yikes, that is hot! You know it's near 100 degrees when it literally feels like an oven outside, even with a breeze. Then it feels like a confectionary oven.

    I love Tithonia too. The petals look like velvet in your photo.

  7. Tithonia is a butterfly magnet, in the top three in my garden. I dotted them all around. Next year I'd like a whole field of them, lol.

  8. Pam- Mine went in in the late spring and they are just an annual so I don't think planting them now would be the right time. They make for rather a large plant but I love them as they hold their color well.
    Deborah- I have often had things melt in the greenhouse but never outside before.
    Dee- No rain here. I think we get far less rain on this side of the I35 corridor. Maybe tonight.
    Nell Jean. I always plan to have more but somehow the seeds must get lost to ants and the like. Always 'next year'

  9. I think I know how your container feels.
    We did get a couple of showers last night. Worked it's way up to .04 on the rain gauge. But, things perked up, even with that little bit.
    We'll all keep hoping for more.
    I love that sunflower...wonder if deer like them.