Saturday, September 26, 2009


This afternoon Austin garden bloggers got together to meet our new Travis County Extension Service agent, Daphne Richards. The event was organized by Diana of Sharing Nature's Garden and Robin of Get Grounded.

Diana gave us a tour of her garden, first introducing us to her critters. We hear the dogs are partial to giving this guy a few doggy kisses from time to time!

Summer has returned to Austin and he was keeping cool half hidden under the mulch.

I planned to do back and take photographs of the garden which has a tropical air with tall palm trees, the bright leaves of the variegated ginger and many flowering plants. Her vegetable garden had a huge crop of yellow squash and tomatoes which will surely ripen before winter arrives. I was remembering that it was just a few weeks ago she was blogging about ripping out the tomatoes and replanting.

Diana and Robin prepared a lovely spread and we moved to the patio where we all introduced ourselves to Daphne.

Daphne, moved here from El Paso, but she is no stranger to Austin having attended undergraduate school at UT. It won't be long before Daphne is blogging about her own new garden in South Austin. She has a clean slate to work with. I think many of us can relate to that.

Welcome to Austin Daphne.

Before leaving we had our usual plant and seed swap, sending Daphne off with a few plants for her new garden.


  1. Jenny, you are so quick with the blogpost! It was great to see you today, and thanks for bringing plants to swap. Nice photos of our day!

  2. It looks like a fun and productive afternoon. I was sorry to miss out, but we had family in town this weekend. I'm glad Daphne got to meet so many of the Austin garden bloggers.

  3. What a fun day. It is also fun to see Dianes garden through your lens. It give a different perspective.

  4. What a great post, Jenny. Nice photos -- thanks for capturing it all since I never used my camera once yesterday. I was so glad you could come and thanks for the plants - they are my project for today!

  5. i love your photos as well, we all have our own unique perspective that is a gift to share and receive. i am so glad to be back and felt very welcomed by the whole group. now to just get a garden again.... i'll just have to live vicariously thru all of you and my paintings!!

  6. It looks like everyone had a great time, I am sorry I missed out.