Wednesday, September 9, 2009


There was a time long ago when I would have found a morning like this mornings rather dreary, but no more. A cloudy morning with a quick down pour is heaven on earth. It was a pleasure to go outside, camera in hand, and look at the refreshed garden.

In the dry creek rain lilies. Not where I would choose to have them but who cares.

Lantana and Lindheimer senna starting to bloom.

This native lantana, which has not bloomed all summer, is full of flowers.

It truly is beginning to feel like fall is just around the corner.


  1. Those darn rain lilies are just so sweet, no matter where they come up, right? Great photos, as usual! I, too, REALLY enjoyed today's "dreary" weather!

  2. It's nice to see the long shots, Jenny. I spent all afternoon in the garden, and it wasn't bad at all!

  3. Such a beautiful landscape! Looks like the cooler weather has done its tricks for you. I'm hoping for the same type of results starting next month!
    BTW--When reading our local MG monthly publication yesterday, there were a couple of photos in there, with attribution to your blog address. I recognized it right away!

  4. Iris- I am removing the seeds as they ripen and putting them in the right place!
    Pam- I know what you mean. It is becoming a pleasure to be out there.
    Aiyana-I hope so to as I am heading your way in a couple of weeks. What is this publication you talk about? Is it on line. I am curious and interested to see it. Is it available for me to look at when I come out there?

  5. I just came back by and read Aiyana's comment and am astonished to think that a magazine used your photos without permission! If so, that's a clear violation of copyright -- even if they gave you attribution. Not cool.

  6. Hello! I'm getting lots of rain as I type this and it's so lovely and wonderful. I can't wait to see where my rain lilies pop up. :) Have you noticed how the air is sweetened by their soft scent? Someone needs to bottle that if they haven't already. :)

  7. your garden is truly beautiful, unique and inspiring!

    isn't it wonderful to see everything literally come alive after a quick downpour? so happy we have some rain at last!