Sunday, September 6, 2009


I always end up having a lot of flowers growing in my vegetable beds. Mostly they just decide to seed there but sometimes they are put there by me, temporarily. I start many plants from seed and usually have to leave them for a period of time in the spring. So I put them in the ground next to a drip irrigation point, meaning to move them into a permanent bed when I get back. It sometimes doesn't happen. Now they become too big to move and that is where they have to stay for the rest of the year. Such is the case with this Gaillardia 'fanfare'. This variety has tubular flowers which flare at the end, similar to a trumpet. I still have lots of the common blanket flower in flower but this one has done the best. Good soil and water.

It isn't surprising that the Knock Out roses are so popular. They are incredibly easy to propagate. Last fall I took cuttings and stuck them in the ground in a sheltered spot.

By March, in 4" pots, they had produced their first bloom.

By early May I had potted them up into 3 gallon pots.

Now they are good sized plants producing many flowers. I certainly plan to try my hand at propagating the yellow Knockout I purchased in the spring.


  1. Wow, it never occurred to me to try propogating my Knockout roses. I have two yellows, and have been wishing for more. Thanks for the tip!

  2. What a great tip! I will try my hand with the Knockout Rose...I have tried propagating every other rose (with much failure).

    Your Gaillardia is a beauty. I usually plant flowers and vegs together. I don't have a garden spot just for veggies. This year I planted Marigolds, basil, and tomatoes together.

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the heads up about propagating Knockout. I bought 2 red roses on clearance ($2 each) at a big box store and fell in love with them because of the lovely fragrance. As I was putting them in the ground, I looked closely at the tag - they are Knockouts! Yippee! I love the trumpet Gaillardia - I'll have to look for that one.

    Barbara H.

  4. lisavollrath- I can't guarantee that the yellow will be so easy because it does have a slightly different growth habit but i would certainly like more.
    Morningglories- Those sound like the perfect combination. They always say to plant French marigolds to keep the bugs away. Not sure if the French variety is different.
    barbara-My red Knockouts have no fragrance but the yellow does. Good luck with your propagation.

  5. Thanks! You certainly have a knack for propagating plants. . .you may it look so easy.