Monday, October 19, 2009


Despite that fact that we are still enjoying what some people would refer to as summer temperatures there is a distinct feeling of fall in the air. The Salvia gregii may still be blooming its head off but that is likely to continue well into the fall. Other plants are starting to look a little ratty and I have been going around collecting seed for next year.

Saving seed of the narrow leaf zinnia, Z. augustifolia, is important because it is impossible to find the seed and a very cold winter could result in the seeds in the ground being lost.

The berries on the espaliered pyracantha turn a little more each day. The mandevilla, which I allowed to climb up high into the plant will soon need to be found a warm home, if it is to survive the winter.

A Mexican marigold mint has seeded between the pavers in the vegetable garden. Fine while small but it may have to come out before it takes over.

Even the patty pan squash peppers and zucchini are miniatures of those that grew earlier on in the year. I picked all the lemon basil which had seeded next to the compost bins. The deer don't seem to browse here.

The Mexican pots which have been hanging outside all summer have now found a new home for the winter. I attached some battens to the wall in the potting shed from which to hang the pots.
I seem to have an ever increasing number of pots to be accommodated over the winter. It takes time to get them all inside.


  1. There is definitely a feeling of fall, no matter what the thermometer shows. I actually thought today was near perfect.

    I have one of those Mexican pots but have never planted it and just leave it outside all winter. Yours look wonderful with succulents and cacti.

  2. I love the Salvia greggii. The flowers are such a brilliant hue. You're making me miss my now-defunct Mexican Marigold and the wonderful fragrance of its leaves.

  3. While on a garden tour in Sedona one year, I saw a whole side wall of one of the tour homes covered with similar talavera planters. There were about 35 planters, artfully arranged and all planted with the same cacti. It was quite striking--not busy looking at all because the house and wall were huge. I like your arrangement and choice of plants!

  4. You know, I'd never thought about collecting the linnearis seeds before. Thanks for reminding us that it's time to be proactive about the first nip, less than 4 weeks away. The Mexican mint marigold is lovely even in its abundance.

  5. Your Salvia looks great--full of blooms. Do you cut it back earlier in the season to get more blossoms? Mine is blooming, but not nearly as profuse as yours. Love your Cactus wall.