Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today I picked the last of the beets from the garden. They were a second crop planted some time in March and I wasn't even sure if they would produce that late in the season. Now I wish I had put in more rows. We love pickled beets. You know what will be on the table tonight; beet tops with roasted beets. Tomatoes are in abundance and I am managing to keep down the numbers of leaf footed bugs by giving them the creep and grab treatment. These will probably be the last of the patty pans as the plants are going into a serious decline......and not due to the squash vine borer but the heat and humidity.

The Italian romas are all going to be roasted and frozen for use in the winter.

I have two kinds of yellow tomato. The first is the yellow pear which I picked up at Garden a Go Go at Diana's house. I can't remember who gave it to me but thank you anyway. It has been a great producer. Maybe I will be serving some them next Saturday for Garden a GoGo at my house!

The second I have no idea. It produces medium sized round fruit which have a strange translucent look; not terribly attractive. They are quite tasty although the heat is causing the skins to become a little tough. I probably would not grow this one again- even if I knew its name.

Either way it all makes for a great insalata caprese.

Or stuffed squash with beet tops/beets.

Yesterday I pulled out all the garlic and it is drying out on the gravel. Not the greatest crop but enough to keep us going for a few weeks. I think the garlic is better suited to sandier soils and mine might be too heavy. So the beds will mostly lay dormant until later in the year when the fall/winter crop will go in.

These are the reason we garden behind walls. Mama and baby eye me through the cedars. There is also another mama with twins.

This lone deer is a regular visitor behind the back garden. Always looking for a handout.

"Green tomatoes, red tomatoes, tomatoes with blossom end rot, beans, beet stalks..... I don't care. Just send them my way. I'll compost them for you"

Otherwise I'll just have to eat agave!


  1. These photos are gorgeous! I'm surprised the beets survived the heat. I never knew to plant a second beet crop in March but will try it next spring!

    Still a little jetlagged here but assessing tomato situation--some sungolds and juliets and two small purple cherokees we need to cover w/bird netting.

  2. Your dinner plates look so scrumptious!!! WOW...and having it all come from your garden, too, is extra fantastic! The beets look wonderful...I will definately plant them in October here...can't wait!

  3. That's a lot of produce...and deer (kinda).

    Might the non-normal looking tomatoes be a "peach" variety?

  4. Iris- Welcome home. What a fabulous trip you had far away from the heat of Texas. I don't mind jet lag this way because I get a lot more done in the early hours.
    Julie- We are enjoying all the bounty although I have to keep thinking up things to keep it interesting. The ones I planted in October did nothing over the winter. It was March before they were ready to pick. Mind you, we are much colder out here.
    Katina- Of course. It's "peach". Now I remember picking it up at the Natural Gardener. The tag may be there somewhere buried under the plant or then again it might not be. Thanks for the ID.

  5. Your beets are lovely! Mine made yummy tops but no root veggies.

  6. WOW everything looks amazing and your camera takes great pictures. Just looking at all that food, is making me hungry. Good job on your plants they are really producing. I am going to try again to grow beets for the next season or 2 my daughter really likes them and want them.

  7. Caroline- I had one which was all top and nothing below. Wonder why.
    Cynthia-Thanks Cynthia-Most are now coming to the end of production but it was fun while it lasted. Good luck with yours in the fall.

  8. Look at those pretty crops and meals you prepared with them! The deer are actually cute, too. The rabbits are more destructive than usual this year. I think we are going to have to invest in rabbit fencing.

    I better go finish my post!

  9. Gorgeous produce! But I'm glad I don't have deer to contend with! Squirrels and raccoons are enough.