Monday, June 28, 2010


Around this time much of what is growing in my garden needs serious cut back. For some it may be the second cut back of the year.

The native cosmos is one that you can cut and cut and cut and it will still come back. It will take on a more bushy, pleasing appearance.

I cut back the chocolate daisy about 2 weeks ago. It is already flowering again.

I love the blanket flowers for their ability to keep going through all that heat with no loss of color on the flowers. They will look just as good in the fall.

I usually pull out the Gulf coast penstemon after it has flowered because of the need to reduce seed head production. This year I just cut off the heads. It has surprised me with a second flowering.
Other plants a cut back severely a few weeks ago were catmint, Salvia greggii, daisy fleabane and wine cups. Now it's the turn of the wine cups again, lantana, lemon balm, knockout roses, purple cone flowers, tomatoes, zinnias and on and on. Doing this now will ensure a good flowering in the fall.

I made a start today by cutting back the lemon balm and look what I found. My very first chrysalis. In all my years of gardening it is the first I have ever found. Not surprising. There are plenty of places to hide in my garden! Following the advice of someone on the internet I have put it, along with twigs, leaves and some sugar water in a clear plastic container with lid. I shall be watching it daily for its emergence. Hope it is something pretty.


  1. Since you're out in the garden, I hope that means the knee is better.

    I have lots to cut back. This heat and humidity won't make it much fun.


  2. Your chrysalis looks promising. Do you know what type it is?

  3. Looks like a black swallowtail -- do you grow dill or fennel or something related? Grats on your butterfly-to-be!

  4. Meredith-Black swallowtail would make sense. Parsley meal I think.
    Linda- knee improving but I am not doing much in the garden. Need to get this knee better or I won't be hiking this summer.

  5. Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! How wonderful to get so many repeat blooms! The area around your pool is absolutely gorgeous. You seem to know what works well in your area. Looking forward to seeing more of your bloomers! Jean

  6. Cut and come again flowers are the best. That means loads of bouquets. I can't wait to see what beauty emerges from the crysalis.

  7. I'm big on cutting back plants, too. My amsonias, catmints, lemon balm, Jupiter's beard, and such have been cut back and are growing back nicely. The Jupiter's beard is blooming again.

    Your chrysalis is pretty, too.

  8. Oh boy, do I know what you mean by cutting back! I've been negligent. My Gulf penstemons haven't bloomed again, but the columbines keep coming.

    Your chrysalis sure does look like a swallowtail. I hope you don't miss it, but they work so fast!

  9. Maybe all the rain this past week kept you from overdoing it, Jenny- hope your knee got a rest?

    Bet we'll all have lots of cutting back when the rain stops. I have only 1 penstemon and did cut it back a week ago- wonder if it will rebound.

    How cool that you found the chrysalis! Although we have many swallowtail caterpillars, I've never seen one make a chrysalis.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  10. I am a beginner Gardner who stumbled upon your blog. I am so very inspired by you. Thank you!