Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Welcome to Garden Blogger's Bloom Day in Central Texas and another day with the heat index in the triple digits! To enjoy the June Blooms of other gardeners pay a visit to our host Carol at MayDreams.

A single cleome seed from many years ago, grew and bloomed this year. No matter that it is at the front of the bed when it would be better at the back. It will stay there.

The hybrid cleome, Madame Rosalita, is a none seeding variety. The multiple headed, none seed forming plant is a try out in my garden. Planted in full sun it seems to be doing well. If it makes it through the sumer I will be planting more next year.
As usual Rudbeckia have seeded in the pathways.

When they flop over onto the path they come into the house.

Three clear yellow flowers; Knockout

Unknown day lily.

Dahlberg daisy.

Yarrow among the gaillardia and sage.

Rosa campion.

A frilly gaillardia in the pathway.

My newly named day lily "papaya" among the purple cone flowers.

The oregano, Dittany of Crete, billowing over the pathway in the herb garden.

Russian sage, Perovskia.
Yes, we are still blooming even amidst the heat. Wherever you may be gardening. Happy Bloom day.


  1. Looks lovely. What a beautiful transition in plants from spring to summer. Can't believe you're in triple digits already. Dittany of Crete is wonderful by the path's edge.

  2. I love your photos! Your garden looks so neat and charming. Next month, I definitely need to try to get some pretty "wide" shots.

  3. As usual, your garden looks great.

    Happy Bloomday.


  4. Gorgeous as always! So inspiring.

  5. Those oregano blooms look awesome!

  6. Wow, that Dittany of Crete is spectacular. I know you told me, but when I am supposed to sow the rose campion seeds?

  7. Jenny, gorgeous as always. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it soon. Love the Rose Campion, and all your bright yellows.

  8. Denise- We have been in the 90s for weeks it seems and with the humidity it feels like 100+ This is the first year I have felt I wanted summer to go away. I fear the flowers will not last much longer. Happy bloom day.
    Katie- Thanks Katie but it isn't as tidy as you think. I love wide shots of gardens. You get a real feel for the whole picture.
    Linda- Thanks for the kind words. I just walked around the garden and this heat is really taking its toll.
    I hope it is cooler where you are.
    Ruth@VS- Thanks Ruth. However, as I said before it is becoming a real struggle this year. Some rain, please.
    Tina- They are lovely and I think would look perfect tumbling over a wall. Next year!
    Vertie- You can put the seeds in now . Most of mine come back from seeds that fall on the ground after flowering. Very hardy.
    Get Grounded- Looking forward to having the gang over.

  9. Oh it was wonderful to see someone who gardens like I do. It is not hot like Texas but it is dry and sandy. I grow many of the same plants here.

  10. Such a pretty garden! That yarrow among the gaillardia and sage picture really took me aback - so gorgeous!

    Your house reminds me a house here in town that has always intrigued me. It make a natural backdrop for your garden.

  11. gardening in a sandbox-I am wondering what that means- I'm a gardener who lets everything grow where it wants. At least most of the time and it does get a bit untidy. just like my closet!
    Sylvana-Thanks you, i wish it was going to stay like this all summer but the life of many of these plants will be over soon. Our walls do make a great backdrop but they are necessary to keep out the deer.

  12. You obviously know what to plant for that kind of heat! (Actually, we've been having the same kind. With the humidity it's been abyssmal!) I love the way that Dittany of Crete looks. And everything else. :-)

  13. I love the first photo of the seeding cleome...I love that color. I've planted some cleome seeds this year but they haven't come up yet. I've had great luck with a relative, clammyweed, coming back year after year so I hope the regular cleome will give me some flowers as pretty as yours.

    Your garden looks lush and overflowing with flowers. Lovely as usual.

  14. All the sunny yellows are just beautiful. That daylily with Garden name Papaya is lovely. Isn't it exciting to have one that nobody else has ever seen?

  15. I have no doubt that 'Sen. Rosalita' cleome will thrive all summer for you. I just wish it had survived the winter last year. But it seems worth replanting each spring. And the deer are leaving it alone too.

  16. Jean- So far so good but what will be left by August I wonder. I agree, this humidity is terrible. I don't remember it ever being so bad before.
    MSS-I remeber last year someone made a negative comment about cleome but I like it. Unfortunately it si not easy to grow from seed. It has to germinate in cooler soil. One yearthe seeds all germinated in the fall and then died int he frost. Anyway, next year Senorita Rosalita will get a bigger spot in the garden. She has done well.
    Nell Jean- it was really exciting to have a daylily all of my very own. I see some seeds on one of the other plants so will take care to put them somewhere where I can keep an eye on them.
    Pam- I do hope so and thanks for bringing this plant to our attention. Deer proof- not so sure here. We have so many deer.

  17. Oh Jenny! Your flowers are marvelous...I love those wild hairs that invite themselves in by simply being in the way...

  18. That's astounding about the cleome from seed! It all looks luscious. And I always like to see your rose campion. Nothing as dramatic blooming in my garden at all. And absolutely stunning pictures!