Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday one of the deer showed up with a broken leg. Life is going to be pretty tough from now on.

She got a special treat or two yesterday.

I certainly hope it isn't this one which I captured giving her baby a bath a few days ago. I am fearful that our injured deer was nursing and maybe lost her baby in some terrible event. It is quite clear that our injured deer was nursing as her milk sacs are very swollen with milk. Poor thing.


  1. Oh how sad. But what could you do even if you could do something? Can't exactly put a wild animal in your car and drive to the vet. I suppose they manage in the wild - albeit in pain and struggling if the injury isn't too bad. Sweet of you to give her some treats to make things a little easier for her. We have a doe & baby fawn and a doe w 2 yearling bucks coming to visit regularly for water & birdseed.

  2. It is sad to see one hurt. One of our little mothers, has a bad leg. It's healed, but is crooked. Mr. P. named her Eileen...ha.

    She seems to do all right, and has twins. We do give her a handout, now and then. She was showing up everyday, with babies in tow, even before the handouts.

    We have SO many, here.

  3. Diana- That's what my 5 year old grandson wanted me to do.Of course I am worried about coyotes who live around here. My neighbor thinks none of the bambis from last year lived!
    Linda- Nature will, of course, take its course but it is not easy to watch. I won't tell the horror story from last year.

  4. So sad. It's almost like seeing a bird with a broken wing. I do remember having a robin in our yard in colorado for a few years that had a broken foot...but generally with birds, a broken foot isn't a death sentence.

  5. Watching nature take its course is never easy. Predators must eat and herbivore populations must be keep in check. If nothing else, it prompts good thoughts about the shortness of life, thankfulness for what we have, and good discussions about death.

  6. Poor thing. I hope she heals. Nature is hard sometimes.

  7. We've had a mother deer here in our neighborhood with a broken leg, too -- she had her baby despite her injury and has been around for many months. It's a painful thing to see, but I'm so impressed at how animals persevere. You don't see them whining like us humans do!

  8. Katina- I hope it heals too.
    Rachael- Yes, you are right and when we garden and live with nature it is all around us.
    Jayne- I'll be keeping an eye out for her.
    Meredith- You give me hope. Maybe when it heals she will be able to put her foot down again.