Friday, February 10, 2012


Yesterday morning I continued the clean up alongside the potting shed wall.

This where my mint grows. Twice a year I do a big clean up and cutting back. It grows all the way along the wall and beneath the little bench under the window.I just have to keep it in check because being mint its sole aim in life is to take over your whole garden. Forget the plant it in a pot thing. I am willing to go the extra distance just to have that wonderful smell as I step in through the door. Also we are big lamb fans over here and what is lamb without mint sauce. Now that the area is cleared I brought the calamondin out of the shed and I think it might have found a new home. It adds a little glamor to a bare spot.

Just around the corner the bare trellis is waiting for a vine. I had reasonable success last year with the cardinal vine so I think I will try it again. Unfortunately the wall doesn't  receive sun until the late afternoon so it isn't the perfect place. At the foot are growing a blanket flower, skullcap and feather grass; nature's own plantings.

The first larkspur is blooming.

And the night scented stocks which I rescued from the half price table at Lowes in the fall have proved their worth. Stocks have always been one of my favorite spring flowers. These ones are rather small unlike the ones I started from seed last year.

They even survived the summer's terrible heat. The gazania alongside is also from last year. It is blooming super early due to the mild winter.


  1. Night-scented stocks...tough *and* scented? Never heard of that plant, I'll have to learn more about it, as that sounds like it should have a place here!

  2. That's a new plant for me. Your Calomondin looks great. It has been a mild winter here which has been very nice. I'm doing some things a bit early like pruning etc so it should great when March finally arrives:)

  3. Our Gazanias are blooming as well- love those- so exotic looking. The larkspur is beautiful- what a vibrant color!!!!

  4. I think that is just the spot for your Calomondin. Beautiful. And you already have some pretty blooms! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. You are motivating me to get out and get busy!

  6. I adore stocks too. I'm astounded yours made it through summer; I hope mine do.

  7. We have things blooming early and budding early as well. The winter has been milder than most. We are scheduled to get a few flurries later on today. I like the area where you tidied up...looks so neat and arranged so nicely.

  8. Oh My Goodness! THATS what that plant is..last year or the fall prior, or who knows when, i planted a bunch of seeds everywhere...and this pastsummer or so i nticed this grouping of sagey type didnt look like a weed, so I have been letting them grow and grow (pretty greenage anyway, and it wasnt spreading, so i left it) Low and behold it turns out they are stock plants! I cant wait to see if they bloom! Thank you for solving my mystery!

    --Alma Delia San Antonio Gardener