Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Everyone knows I like a good deal. And where is a good place to get a deal? Garage sales, Craig's list. So on a cold Saturday morning, with David gone for the weekend, what better thing to do than catch a few sales on the way to doing a few other chores.
First one I went to I really got an unbelievable bargain. A pair of Leki walking poles in perfect condition.  "How much?" I ask. $1. Wow, I never expected that. Now I do have a pair but the baskets are lost and it would cost me more to replace them. I'm feeling pretty chuffed.
On I go. I'm looking for garden stuff, of course and have no luck at the next 3 but then this. I see a garden overflowing with cactus and agaves and in the sale several pots of cactus. Here is what I got.

Price? $15. Yes!!
However, the story does not end there. One of the pots rolls over in the back of the truck and all the soil and cactus fall out. It's wet and heavy and I see rot. The center cactus has collapsed inside. All those little babies were attached to her. Now they are on their own. Next I discover there are ants in the center of the mother, with eggs. Well, who can blame them. A nice hollowed out house just waiting for them. SO I rinsed them all out and left the mother to dry for a day or two then potted her up. She did have some nice roots. We shall see. Now I realize I need to get all the others separated from their soil because it is all heavy and wet. Two of the long arms break off! This is not turning out to be such a bargain. However, it is now repotted in some decent free-draining soil and looks much happier. The other two pots are outside drying out. I am pretty sure that I have a nice clump of lace cactus in one pot and these will go in the ground. I still have to deal with the last pot. Do you think I got a deal? I still think so.

I got a little tour of the garden with the lady of the house and her grand daughter who translated for me. I was sure she had bought her collection back from Mexico, but no, Home Depot!


  1. I never thought to visit garage sales for garden goodies. Now I will!

  2. I am going to have to go to some garage sales. Good bargains, indeed.
    I'm sure with you knack for growing things, those bargains will be doing just fine, in no time.

  3. One dollar for those walking poles? And cactus bargains to boot? I see a new career in your future: Rock Rose Garage Sale Tours :D

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  4. Those are great bargains, even if you have a few losses. They are all nice, especially the lace cactus. Just a couple of those could easily add up to $15 at the garden center.

    We have our neighborhood garage sale day coming up soon and I'm always on the hunt for plants and things that can be recycled into the garden.

  5. What a great deal! They are going to be happy in your little bit of paradise.

  6. I think that's an awesome deal/find! Perhaps not as good as you first thought, but I'd have bought them anyway.