Thursday, September 13, 2012


When I was choosing a name for my blog it was no surprise that Rockrose sprang to mind. After all, this flower is always in my garden, here there and everywhere.

Particularly so this summer when my absence for the garden from many weeks let it run riot.

But it is so hard to pull out when they are in such glorious flower.

For now I will let them be and the orange zinnias which showed up alongside them. After all echinacea manages to combine pink and orange.

A humid, misty morning in the sunken garden shows the soft leaved yucca will flower for the second time this year.

I have been working all week at cleaning out the vegetable beds in preparation for the fall planting. We are promised rain for the weekend so I have been planing seeds of pak choi, snow peas, mustard and radish. Come on rain!


  1. I often reach the "I can't pull it out NOW!" stage with plants here too. Sometimes it works best to let the garden do what it wants -- although I usually end up paying for it next year with 100 times the number of seedlings to pull.

  2. I also have trouble pulling the multitudes of seedlings, especially when the Rock Rose is so beautiful. I love the Rock Rose plant and the Rock Rose blog!

  3. Love all the pictures of your beautiful garden. Sometimes rock rose is the only thing blooming in my garden.

  4. It must be fall, even if we aren't watching the effects and cooling, from an abundance of monsoon rain. No rockroses, but a few Y. recurvifolia are starting to bloom (kind of early)...many more in a month. I should try some rockroses here, given turk's cap does well here.

  5. Look at those gorgeous pomegranates! And the rock rose is lovely too ;)

  6. Snow peas! Now? I thought it was too early.
    I better get busy.
    This rain is wonderful, by the way.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. My softleaf yuccas are sending up second bloom spikes as well. I hope the deer don't find them.