Tuesday, October 16, 2012


This was not a weekend to be traveling up to and back from Dallas. (The big UT/OU game at the Cotton Bowl). But it was our grand daughter's 3rd birthday and we were going to be celebrating with a trip to the zoo.

Generally speaking I don't really care for zoos. I just don't like to see to see animals pacing up and down in cages or large birds unable to spread their wings. It was fun, however, to get up close and personal with the giraffes. Not that we paid $5 for 6 lettuce leaves to feed them, but plenty did!

It was a little bit of a zoo the next day when David and I went to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Chihuily exhibit. We were warned by our son that it would likely be another zoo and it was! It was a gorgeous morning following a stormy night. I think the whole of Dallas had turned out and with a long queue to get into an already full parking lot we opted to park in the shuttle parking lot. We were glad we did. The shuttle dropped us at an entrance away from the main gate and we were quickly inside the arboretum finding  ourselves near the pumpkin patch area. I immediately forgot why we had come.

What a fun pumpkin patch. Remember the days when pumpkins were all orange and round?

My favorite was cinderella's carriage drawn by two beautiful horses made from dwarf mondo grass and Mexican feather grass.

I really wanted to get in that carriage to have my photograph taken but... it was just a pumpkin pile for me.

Duck gourds in a sea of white pumpkins.

As we left the patch I remembered why we had come. Chihuily.

Dallas Star

Red Reeds

Neodymium & Blue Reeds


Persian Pond

Float boat & Carnival Boat

Mirrored Hornets 

Neodymium Reeds

Aqua Blue and Amber Chandelier

Niijima Floats

Yellow Icicle Tower

Turquoise reeds

Blue Marlins
It was our second opportunity to see a Chihuily exhibit, the first being at the Desert Botanic Garden. We had a wonderful day and a wonderful weekend and now we needed to join all those UT fans on the road back to Austin.


  1. Hope your granddaughter had a wonderful birthday!
    Very interesting displays with the pumpkins...someone certainly has a creative mind!

  2. Came back to Dallas this summer just to go to the Arboretum and see the Chihuily exhibit... worth the trip... glad you enjoyed the zoo too.... one of my favorite places in Dallas

  3. I'm surprised by how much I like some of those pumpkin displays, especially the "ducks". What fun, creative stuff!

    Imagine having a "red reeds" installation in your own garden? Wow!

  4. Oh wow, I love Chihuily glass. That exhibit is spectacular and I loved your photos!

  5. Wow - what awesome photos! I have never seen anything like them.

  6. The glass sculptures are exquisite, but I must say, the pumpkins looked like even more fun! All the things they did with the pumpkins looked so cute!

    Though I am still drooling over those glass sculptures. They would look completely out of place in my garden, but still. I would love to see the exhibit sometime!

  7. Excellent photos of the Chihuly exhibit! Amazing work he does. Thanks for sharing.