Friday, April 12, 2013


The temperature was hovering around 40° this morning and steam was rising off the unheated pool.

It won't be cool for long, but for now we are having our breakfast, inside, looking out.

My friend Ally, who blogs at Garden Ally, gave me some of her wonderful eggs. They really are the most delicious. Look at those yolks and perfectly cooked! "Go to work on an egg" was the very successful slogan of the UK egg marketing board when I was growing up in England, in the 50s. Of course everyone had an egg for breakfast and bacon, sausage and tomatoes too! The Full English.
We are just having an egg in an egg cup and we are too grown up for toast soldiers.
Thanks to Ally I'm going to work today on an the garden.


  1. You're very welcome. I'll be going to work on an egg or two myself this weekend. In fact, the "Full English" sounds real tasty.

  2. Your soft boiled egg and toast looks delicious -- you're never too old for toast soldiers! I was lucky enough to enjoy several "Full English" breakfasts when Eric and I visited home a few weeks ago for my parents' 60th anniversary celebration.

  3. Toast soldiers - new to me. Breakfast - I bet as good inside as what we had outside. (can you believe I'm not into tomatoes? My northern Italian side.) The damianitas softening the yucca and paving / pool edge is perfect!