Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday I cut back the mealy blue sage, Salvia farinacea. I don't know why I let it grow in the sunken garden. In fact, I can't do anything about it as it is growing out of the rocks and I can't get to the roots. I like to have some because the goldfinches feast on the seeds during the fall and it is a pretty blue. I allowed it a few more days by bringing it into the house. 3 vases of mealy blue sage.

I can see clearly now the sage is gone. Underneath a sad alyssum with tiny harlequin bugs developing. I remember catching the adults a few weeks ago. Guess they had already laid their eggs. I pulled it out and am determined not to let the salvia grow to shade this area. I replaced the alyssum with a sedum 'coral carpet'.
It was a day spent working outside doing a lot of the grunge jobs. I removed the rocks from around the center drain the vegetable garden, relocating some worms and disposing of a number of snails. Even I decided that there comes a time when blanket flowers and poppies hanging over the drain need to be removed. Exactly how many blanket flowers do I need! How many bluebonnets do I need? How many California poppies do I need? The garden is being swallowed alive! It is time to spring clean.


  1. I really like the sage it is easy to grow, it such a pretty color and look how pretty it is in a vase!

  2. I've always loved salvia-the color is so vivid.

  3. Unfortunately I don't have your problem with those 'pretties' taking over. It's just old fashioned weeds, taking over here. And, those pesky Cedar Elm seedlings...thousands of them.

    Hope we don't get really cold, the next few mornings. I have tomatoes in the ground. I have row cover around them, but that might not be enough....ugh.

    You're right...the work never ends.

  4. I manage to squeak in about an hour of gardening at the end of each work day. At this rate, the work will most definitely never end. Last night, I planted more Spanish lavender. It's blooming right now and doing great in my garden. Funny how some things do well and others don't. I've never had much luck with the mealy blue sage. Maybe it's time to try again. I really like that color.