Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today the ladies from Shady Hollow Garden club came to visit. They were supposed to come two weeks ago but we had to cancel because of rain. This time the weather was more cooperative, although you can see from their clothes that it was pretty chilly. I warned them early on, "dress for 38°" because that was the wind chill at 8am this morning.

With a strong north wind blowing on the driveway we were all anxious to get inside the walls, although even high walls don't protect much from this kind of gusty wind. Where was my camera all this time? Hung around my neck, as usual. How many photos did I take? Just two.

By the time they reached the vegetable garden I remembered and took one more. It was in this garden when someone noticed this anole. OK, we have lots of them running around but this one is different.

He is inside the house. He wasn't going to find much to eat in there. With the help of a washing up bowl we managed to get him to the outside.
All these ladies are hands on gardeners and also into crafting things for the garden. There was talk about making hypertufa pots and spheres and look at this.

Anne had made this wonderful jewel studded ball from a bowling ball. Just what I needed to brighten up a corner of my garden. I am not sure of its permanent home yet but for now it is among the greenery on the patio. It is so heavy that there is no way the night visitors will knock it over like the little mouse at the foot. I often find it upside down in the morning.
Thank you ladies. David and I really enjoyed your visit.


  1. That must have been a fun time--despite the weather. Your garden is so gorgeous-I'm sure no one really even noticed the temps.

  2. That wind was something yesterday, but gardeners are a hale and hearty bunch, and also, very creative. I really like the bowling bowl. I'm always so worried my glass globes will break, but I guess this design will hold up against the elements and critters.