Monday, April 22, 2013


We sat out in our favorite lunch spot today. I had spent 4 hours outside doing a bit of this and that  and we both ended up pulling out this terrible European thistle from areas outside the garden. Will it do any good? Maybe not but I feel better seeing it gone. We both deserved to sit down for a nice lunch break.

First the hummingbird came to the red salvia and the Texas betony and then I noticed a butterfly flitting around. You know how it goes? I'll get the camera and stay here a while and hope to get a good photo of both these visitors. It took time but finally I identified the butterfly as a common buckeye, Junonia coenica. He spent over half an hour flitting from one blackfoot daisy to another and I watched and snapped until finally I got a reasonably good shot.
Now the temperature is in the 80s. Gone is that morning coolness I enjoyed working in the sunken garden.

It is time to go inside.


  1. Beautiful, I love how you have a mix of cottage garden and rock garden. It looks so soft with the help of feathery grasses and daisies. And it has the feel of a traditional rock garden with hardy succulents. Such an inspiration.

  2. Your garden is so beautiful. With a view like that, I probably wouldn't get anything done. I would be enjoying an adult beverage and admiring the fruits of my labor:)

  3. As always your garden is looking wonderful. It is a real joy to see all your blooming plants as our spring is so slow I am starved for flowers. Yours hit the spot!

  4. The garden looks great! Surprisingly, it is 38 degrees here this morning.

  5. Jenny, would you please stop by my corner of Katy next time you're in Houston and help me place rocks and flagstones in the corner bed to make it easier to navigate AND make it look as good as your garden? It shouldn't take us more than 5 or 6 hours .