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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I have come across this quote on several occasions and thought it very appropriate for me.

"Show me your garden and I will tell you what you are" Alfred Austin

What I think he should have said was, show me your closet and I will tell you what kind of gardener you are. You see, I have the greatest difficulty pruning and pulling out plants that are really in the wrong place. This spills over to everything in my life including my closet.

On my pomegranate tree I know I should remove two of these fruits but it is just so hard for me to do. In fact D was hoping there would be no fruit on the tree this year because the tree is quite huge and I think he would like it out. It is full of fruit so it gets to stay for another year.

A rock rose is growing up through the middle of this Indian Hawthorn bush. How long will it stay there? Probably all summer.

 I have to admit that these blanket flowers and black eyed susans along the rock wall don't look too tidy.

Now these are going to be very difficult to pull out but there are some plants that I actually planted growing underneath.

However, I did pull out the rest of the tomato plants and the deer were the beneficiary of the damaged and green tomatoes and the foliage. New crop going in and guess what, one of them was growing in the path. I potted it up until it had established some more roots and now it is in the ground.


  1. I bet you love your fence when you see the deer staring in hungrily. I like all your cheerful coneflowers. In this heat, if they look that good, I say let them do their thing. :-)

  2. I've gone through various phases in my garden when I couldn't bring myself to remove anything. But right now, I am in a phase of getting rid of plants that show up in the wrong place. I've been down right ruthless a few times this year. Just check my nearly full compost bins.

    I love that you throw plants over the fence for the deer to eat.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  3. Good for you Carol. When I was over at Pam's I cringed as she pulled out an errant plant. "I could never do that" I said. However, I am getting to the stage you got to . I have 5 compost bins full to the top. Fortunately the deer are browsing them- and it's time for the big Texas cut back, which started today.

  4. Gee, Jenny. I'm crediting you with the inspiration to pull out all that weedy Engelmann daisy that I dislike because it's one of the few things flowering in my garden right now. Something you wrote a few posts ago gave me the strength to tackle it. So I find it funny that you struggle with the same issue. (And it also spills over into all aspects of my life, closets, desks, books, everything. Which is weird because my favorite style is spare Japanese or modern--just the opposite of my predilection for hoarding. Maybe it's wishful thinking.)

  5. The question is , can we change? I don't think so. well maybe for 5 minutes. I did quite a bit of trimming this morning and it certainly looks a lot neater. It's just when I see those little seedlings coming up in the gravel I either let them stay or move them somewhere else.
    On the subject of Englemann's daisy what a fool I am. I bought them at the WFC last year. Weedy, you say. Who knows how many billion I will have next year. Mine grew 4 ft tall this year.


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