Thursday, February 14, 2013


I think I read somewhere that gardening is the most difficult of the arts. Maybe for some it comes easy but not for this gardener. It is a constant battle with the elements and bugs.

I have been admiring my beautiful Mangave, macho mocha, from a distance, for some time. Yesterday I decided to take a closer view to see if there were offsets waiting to be removed. This is when I spotted that all was not well.

The lower leaves had been stripped of their upper layers; one of those decollate snails was sitting right on top of the leaf. Now the hunt began.

I collected all these snails camping out underneath the plant. All the lower leaves were shredded. I'm now realizing that I have a snail problem in my gravel/rock front garden. Who would have thought.


  1. Oh no, Jenny. A shame about your beautiful Mangave, and I'm glad you got to it in time. I am really bummed over your news of these snails. I first learned of these from you ... So far, I have that optimum balance between the round snails (escargot?) and I am leaving the decollate snails alone, but I fear my snail population may head down the same path. How to help nature maintain the balance? I guess I'll have to resort to overturned fruit rinds and hand picking again ...
    Speaking of the battle of the bugs, I won't have any spring blooms on my Mt. Laurel due to those ugly web-making caterpillars. Hand picking didn't work last fall; there were too many. I don't understand why the birds don't eat these ...

  2. Ewww, just when the plant looks so good something comes along and attacks it. Snails in the gravel garden does seem a surprise. I haven't seen too many here but will keep an eye out as I have several of the macho mocha plants.

  3. Oh, no. These guys can really make a mess. I'm seeing more of them here, this year.

    It does seem to always be something, that we have to battle in the garden.

  4. So sorry jenny about that beautiful agave. Hope it recovers soon.