Monday, October 14, 2013


A day without gardening is like a day without....sunshine. Neither of those today as a strong rain system hovers over Central Texas. It did bring us much needed rain yesterday, in fact too much for many, as creeks overflowed, houses flooded and ACL was cancelled. My rain gauge flowed over at 6" so I have no idea exactly how much we had but we estimate from a filled bucket it was closer to 9" About 3 miles away they had 12" Today brought another inch.

This is Barton Creek at the bridge on Lost Creek Blvd a mile from our house. Before they built the bridge this flooded roadway was the only way across. We used to call these fords in England. As a child it was always so exciting to cross a ford. In Texas crossings like this are a death trap when we get heavy rains. Lives are lost.

We have never seen this before. Along our road water was pouring out of the ground at the base of the cutting, in two places. I had often wondered if animals lived in these holes in the rock. If they did then they probably got the ride of their life. It is typical of this terrain to have sink holes into which water flows during heavy rains. It found a way out here. But that was yesterday. It is still raining today and I did a couple of garden related things.

The first was to frame and hang this little print of a clasping coneflower, Dracopsis amplexicaulis. At the Wildflower Center last week, in the volunteer room, they were giving away folders of prints given to them by a local bank. I am sure you know how it is when it comes to framing prints. It costs a fortune, but then I am not really fussy about the frames and 50c with the mat certainly was too good to pass up. I have four prints so I will be on the lookout for 3 more!

The second job was to bring the cactus and succulents under shelter. More rain is forecast for tomorrow and I fear for their wellbeing.

And these two little chaps will be very happy that their plant is being taken under cover. This one looks distinctly under the weather.


  1. My goodness that's a lot of rain! Yes, we heard about it here in Houston. That creek photo is scary! I can imagine the sound it makes as it roars past the bridge. Do you think the lakes in your area will finally get back to their normal levels?

  2. my first 2 fall tomatoes from an Early Wonder plant ripened today, but had multiple cracks from the excess of water. ahh Texas, its either too little or too much of something. "When it rains, it pours." Indeed.

  3. Seems to be "all or none" with rain anymore. We got weeks without a drop, then get a deluge that can't even soak in because it comes down to fast.

  4. Our little decorative rain gauge overflows at 5 inches. That has rarely been a drawback until this weekend.

    I'm trying to look at the bright side of the excess of rain. Perhaps this is what is needed for the rivers, lakes and aquifers to recharge, and I'm pretty sure at least the native plants will take the watery situation in stride (bluebonnets perhaps being an exception - I recall reading they don't like too much rain as a starting point).

    That print is very sweet. Will you go for matching frames or an eclectic assortment? I'm eager to see what your creative mind comes up with next!

  5. still fairly dry here but that is preferable to 12 inches! Scary.

  6. Drought or deluge, that's life in Central Texas!