Saturday, November 30, 2013


I'm afraid I wasn't among those rushing out to buy Black Friday bargains. While visiting family up in Dallas I just headed out Into The Garden.

After all the frenzy of Thanksgiving; 9 adults, 2 children and a newborn baby under one roof, David and I took the opportunity to head over to this lovely garden store in Dallas. I hadn't been there in years and was so glad to find it still there.

If you are like me then you find it wonderfully uplifting to walk into a nice garden store.

There is usually the sound of water tricking though a disappearing fountain. Here a couple of old crows bob up and down as the water spills from their beaks.

The walls and shelves are filled with all manner of gifts a gardener would delight in opening on Christmas morning.

And you know how much I love clay pots. I love the ones that are made of a slightly different clay and are of a different shape.

Just a feast for the eyes. It didn't take me long to find just what I really needed. David was taking a look at the rain gauges and he spotted the one attached to the metal dragonfly. He had seen this one before at Ronnie's garden a few weeks ago and commented how much he really loved it. Nothing like the seal of approval. It's in the bag!


  1. What a nice gift that will make - every time you appreciate it (the gauge) you will also appreciate each other and the affection you share for your garden spaces.

    I am a total sucker for a well stocked garden shop. Every time I'm in a good one it triggers fantasies about how much fun it would be to own and run such a place. The reality is likely slightly less giggles and posies but I'd slightly amend the saying that "if it is in the garden (shop!) it isn't work!"...

    Happy Holidays Rock Rose!

  2. What a nice shop. I also prefer shopping in garden center. There is nothing like a new plant to uplift your day.

  3. It looks like a lovely shop! We've nothing like that that isn't in the middle of a holiday shopping madhouse and I'm steering clear of those for now, doing all my shopping on-line. It's not as nice as seeing and touching your purchases but at least I can avoid the mania.

  4. I really like the crows. I think it may just be the rust color.

    How's your foot doing? Are we going to have to amputate?

  5. A pretty place to shop. I'll look for it next time I'm in Dallas.

  6. The crow fountain was cute. I'm a sucker for fountains. If I didn't have to clean them I'd have a dozen.

  7. I'm with you on interesting clay pots. Don't always use them but can't get rid of them either!

  8. It would almost be worth going to Dallas to shop there!