Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Welcome to my April garden for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day hosted by Maydreams Gardens. It is a gorgeous day here in Texas after yesterday's lashing rain, wind and hail and the threat of a frost last night. Thankfully it never got down to 32°. There is a mighty clashing of colors going on out there.

Eyes down to the Claret-cup cactus, Echinocereus coccineus.

Eyes up to Zepherine drouhin. Both are putting on a spectacular show.

Of course the Lady Banks rose is also in full bloom right now although somewhat smaller in bloom size this year.

 My yellow Rosa banksia 'lutea' is enormous compared with the white one.

I purchased this white one at the Rose Museum in Tombstone, Arizona, which boasts the largest Lady Banks' rose in the world. It came originally from Kew gardens as a cutting and this is a cutting from the Tombstone rose. I have it planted on the fence behind the pool; not the best place as I have to continuously cut it back.

While on the subject of white roses this white Knockout lights up the English garden.

Along with the lovely fragrant Felicia.

There are lots of native plants. The yellow Missouri primrose, Oenothera macrocarpa.

And the square-bud primrose, Calylophus berlandiera, along with bluebonnets in the sunken garden.

Gulf coast penstemon, Penstemon tenuis.

And my ever blooming chocolate daisy, Berlandiera lyrata.

Rose campion, Lychnis coronaria.

Mock orange, Philadeplhus X 'natchez'

The sweetest smelling stocks, Mathiola incana.

The cross vine, Bignonia capreolata back again on the greenhouse.

Beautiful heads on my multiplying onions, Allium cepa.

Blue flax, Linum lewisii

 An unknown tiny rock daffodil with wiry stems. Planted several years ago this is the first time it has bloomed. It must have liked the extra chilling.

Orange mallow, Sphaeralcea ambigua.

There are poppies galore, and columbines and so many more flowers in bloom. Come back again later this week and take the long tour of all the gardens enjoyed by a visiting garden group today. In the meantime visit other garden bloggers sharing their blooms on the mid April day.


  1. I'm so glad your roses made it through this rough last couple of months. With all of our weather issues, the gardens are seemingly trying to put on an extra good show just to make us feel better!

  2. A gorgeous list of great bloomers for GBBD. I love all your colors together. The ever-blooming chocolate daisy is one I need to try again, this time behind the deer fence.

  3. Beautiful flowers all.
    I must say though, every time I see blue bonnets my heart leaps with a smile.
    Orange mallow! I didn't know it blooms in anything but pink and white.

  4. Jenny, your garden is beyond compare. The tour today was a highlight for our garden club. Thank you again and again for hosting such a large group. You and David went above and beyond with gracious hospitality. Oh, to live with the garden views you wake up to each day………..Sarah

  5. Stunning sampling - cannot wait for the long tour later this week!

  6. You really have the magic touch. So much blooming there. It's just beautiful.
    It must be even more amazing in real life.

  7. Everything is beautiful! I'm always impressed by your gravel garden. A belated happy GBBD!

  8. I love Lady Banks rose and would love to see the one in Arizona some day. They are so spectacular in bloom, though I'm sure everyone wishes the bloom time would last longer. Your garden is gorgeous! I love all the different textures to it.

  9. Beautiful Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Beautiful, as always. Thanks for sharing your blooms with us.

  11. The garden looks great. Glad you were spared from the freeze. We hit 31, but no damage.

  12. Looks like it was wonderful for the tour. Your roses are truly amazing. And that rose campion is so sweet I never did get mine to grow. I think it may have been too hot when I planted it and it just never took off.

  13. Everything's beautiful, but esp. that purple stock! Your garden always inspires my 'to plant' list.

  14. You always have so much going on in your garden! Gorgeous!