Wednesday, November 12, 2014


We sat out in the front garden for lunch today. The temperature was only in the 40s but the front garden has a little more shelter from the cold north wind, even though it was gusty from time to time. We were both wearing jackets and needed the sun to keep us comfortable.

There are a few remaining seed heads on the Ruby Crystal grass, Melinus nerviglumis. This grass enjoys even more success than Mexican feather grass, Nasella tenuissima. In fact there is only one remaining in this garden, the crystal grass having taken over.

I like sitting outside because it gives me the chance to enjoy the garden as well as to decide on changes. As I was looking across at the bamboo in the pot I decided it needed to be refreshed with some paint and it was easy to decide what color to use. You can probably guess too.

At one point a drowsy bee appeared on the one remaining white cone flower. Echinacea purpurea 'white swan'

We dodged a freeze last night but it isn't looking good for the next two nights. I think it will be the end of many of the flowers tonight including the gomphrena grapes' Such a pity because they have really only just come into their glory having been nothing but foliage all summer long.

I picked some the other day for our dinner table. Friends commented on what a pretty centerpiece they made. As difficult to photograph on the table as they are in the garden.

Copper Canon daisy, Tagetes lemmonii,  has only just come into flower. I can't remember how this one fares in a frost as this one is weeks too early, but I suspect they will be gone by tomorrow.

and the Flame acanthus, Anisacanthus quadrifidus. No hummingbirds around anymore.

Two days ago the winter veggies were basking in the warm sun. A lone mullein just couldn't wait until next year having put on a spurt of growth and flowered within 2 weeks.

Now the beds are shrouded with blankets.

I think it may be the time for this gardener to have a break.


  1. A well-deserved break! Hope you escape a lot of damage--it's always a shame to lose things just as they come into their glory. It's a problem us northern gardeneners are all too familiar with--when it comes to tomatoes!
    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I'm always a bit sad when the cold ends gardening for me in my garden, but you've got much more going on, much more to lose after a freeze. So pretty!

    I could use a few of those blankets (for my own warmth) right now.

  3. If you make if through this spell, you should get some beautiful warm weather. Good luck on your winter veggies. I always like my winter garden best.

  4. Your garden, as usual, is beautiful. I hope the freeze isn't as hard on it as you anticipate. I've made a note to try the crystal grass in my own garden.

  5. I'd like to believe this early cold snap is a bit of misdirection and we'll have a return to milder temps over the next week. We spent a lot of time gathering and covering tender potted plants yesterday and getting the greenhouse ready for this year's batch of overwintering guests. Freeze, freeze, go away, and don't bother coming back - we aren't interested!

  6. My Gomphrena 'Grapes' is just starting to bloom too! We didn't get as cold as predicted last night so I'm hoping to see a few more blooms on it. I've had Copper Canyon Daisy survive a hard freeze and continue to bloom ... hope yours does!

  7. Gomphrena 'Grapes' is very unique-looking and I love the color. Your winter vegetables look great.