Friday, April 10, 2015


This week I had the pleasure of leading a group of gardeners, Rock'n Oaks Garden Club, from San Antonio, on a tour at The Wildflower center. It was my first time back this year and I have to say everything was looking beautiful.

Admissions kiosk and green roof
The great thing about taking gardeners on a tour is their interest level in everything. I signed up for this tour a long time ago because I knew it was organized by Shirley from Rock Oak Deer. It was such a large group we needed 2 docents. After giving my introduction to the center, with a brief history and architecture, it was on to check out what was in bloom. Wisely, the Wild Flower Center makes sure that the bluebonnet does not take over! After all there are plenty of other spring flowers who would like to share the limelight.

Just beyond the entrance they have set up a station for viewing the Great-Horned owl. Yes, back again for a fifth year and I am told with three owlets. They have binoculars so you can get a really good view of the nest and a felt cut-out to demonstrate the wing span of the owl when in flight. The owl appears not to mind an open nest and is more than happy next to the sotol in the wall planter. I wonder what they make of all the gawkers.

But that was the end of my photography because I was too busy with the tour. Nevertheless I was determined to take some when the group followed on to our house after the picnic lunch.
I had been trying to decide all week whether we were going to tramp through the bluebonnets down the side of the house. After visiting the front garden the natural way is to go out through the front gate and down the side of the house. We haven't walked down here all spring but because the bluebonnets are fading and I have another much larger group at the end of the month I decided we would tip toe through the bluebonnets. And so we did... in single file.

And after I had taken this photo my camera abilities went to sleep again and didn't awaken until I realized I didn't have a photo of the group. So, as they were about to leave I got them all together, David included, for a group photo.

It was a fun day. I went straight into the house, put the kettle on and put my feet up. Stay tuned for what the group saw in the garden that day.


  1. I'm glad that you're getting out and about to enjoy spring. Your picture of the owl with her progeny is priceless!

  2. Oh Jenny, this was the most wonderful garden club trip ever! The Wildflower Center at peak bloom along with your absolutely gorgeous garden also at peak. We couldn't have asked for more. Thank you and David so much from the bottom of our hearts!

  3. What fun everyone must have had. I do hope to see your garden someday.

  4. Well done, ma'am! Not everyone would lead a group through their own garden spaces immediately after visiting the professionally maintained Wildflower Center, and on top of that just a few weeks after major surgery. You my dear, are made of what my Mom used to call "sterner stuff" which in no way implicates you being less than congenial, but rather acknowledges your Make it Work attitude. The smiles on everybody's faces shows what a wonderful host and hostess you and David are, and you both (along with your gorgeous home and gardens) certainly do Austin proud.

  5. That must have been a lot of fun. The owlet is adorable!

  6. What fun. I would love to visit the Wildflower Center. One of these years, I promise I will get there!

  7. Sounds like fun. How nice to spend the day with fellow gardeners. I wish I had read this before we went this afternoon it would have been nice to see the owl nest.