Friday, May 1, 2015


I have three Texas clematis growing in my garden. This one is on a west facing wall. If you remember the recent hail storm came from the west but a lemon tree in front of it saved it's delicate stems from the brunt of the storm.

Texas clematis x Princess Diana.

The second one is on an east-facing wall. What is amusing about this one is that it sent up a long leggy stalk which went over the top of the wall. It thought better of its desire to go westward when the wind began to blow and promptly retreated behind the safety of the wall. I think it has decided to stay.

It has an unusual flower, more like Clematis pitcheri and a color that I cannot identify. It was purchased at a Wildflower Center sale so I am wondering if it was grown from seed. Although I was at first disappointed with its rather wishy-washy color it has grown on me. Like Clematis pitcheri its tepals don't open any more than shown in the photograph.

But sadness comes with one growing on the South facing wall. It strangely seemed to take the brunt of the hail which all but destroyed its stems.

This one was also purchased at the Wildflower Center and was sold as C. texensis x Princess Diana. Seen before the hailstorm.

This may be a good time to improve on the trellis!


  1. I'm glad to see that 2 of the 3 came through that horrible storm in good shape. I like your purple and white Clematis a lot and think it's very clever to keep itself behind the protection of the wall.

  2. These native clematis plants have the most unearthly lantern blooms...not even sure I miss the ones I tried but failed at in the high desert.

  3. Two out of three ain't bad odds, people will tell you. My money is on that third clematis coming back sturdier than ever, anyway. I suppose the takeaway here is not to put your clematis all on only one trellis?

    As to that middle child clematis, the clever one with the two-tone blooms, I think it quite pretty with that watercolor fade from purple through to white. It looks like a love child of a morning glory vine and some snowdrops!

  4. Love the ‘Princess Diana.’ Seems like I should have that one, doesn’t it?! I have 3 as well, a jackmanii, the pitcher and another that I’ll have to search my blog posts to try to identify. They are all in bloom right now - I just wish they bloomed for a longer period of time. Guess I am greedy. Sorry you almost lost your third one, hopefully it will recover and bloom again next spring.

  5. Those native clematis are beautiful. They are so charming. I'm sorry to see the hailstorm damage.

  6. My favorite is the middle one.
    Glad more were saved, than ruined.