Sunday, November 15, 2015


Some much needed rain has brought many flowers out of hibernation in time for May Dreams November Bloom Day.

Rosa Felicia

Roses a re booming again and a cluster of blooms on the musk rose Felicia has me stopping to inhale her wonderful fragrance.

Not nearly so fragrant is Molineux, but with more of a tea rose fragrance, a new addition this fall.

Rosa Monineux

Called pink crystal by some and ruby crystal by others I am beginning to understand why. Pink seed heads in the spring and with the cooler weather a much deeper ruby-colored seed heads.

Melinus nerviglumis
Other flowers have a greater depth of color with the cooler nights. Mealy blue sage, Salvia farinaceae.

Salvia leucantha blooms were quick to fade during the long warm dry days of October, but the rain bought a flush of new flowers.

The first flowers on the rosemary.

Still plenty of color from the narrow leaf zinnias, Zinnia linearis. Soo I will be collecting their sees for next year.

Society garlic, Tulbaghia violacea

And the generous seeding common orange cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus.

Clouds of pink and white gaura, Gaura lindheimeri

A cluster of blooms, with Dicliptera the main player.

We are winding down for the winter but signs of spring are already popping up all over the garden.


  1. Love the roses, and the cosmos is such a rich orange - Beautiful!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  2. I wish my roses looked as good! That ruby crystal grass is one I've been wanting to try. This may be the year I finally plant some.

  3. I'll be dreaming of Melinus nerviglumis tonight, simply lovely!

  4. Your flowers are wonderful, as always. I particularly like the Dicliptera.

  5. Such lovely photos. My dicliptera got so leggy with all the rains earlier this year and never really bloomed well. I'm hopeful this next go-round will be more conducive to a better display. The cosmos are such a cheerful yellow-orange, aren't they! I never thought I'd be so taken with orange flowers but I'm finding those plants in combination with our native purples breathtaking when bloom times align. Here's hoping for a bit more gentle rain to support even more flowers before first frosts arrive!