Saturday, August 19, 2017


My front courtyard garden is not a place of summer color. Spring, yes, but summer it rests on the laurels of the agaves and grasses. Except, that is, when it rains.

Finally, two weeks ago, we had rain...2" of it and even better a cool day. I think the temperature barely reached 80º. The Texas sage, Leucophyllum frutescens, sometimes called the barometer bush, duly responded and started to make its appearance on bloom day. 3 days later it is in magnificent full bloom. I was out early this morning but the bees had beaten me to it.

It's serendipity that I planted this white one because it fits in so well with the greens of summer. It was an impulse buy many years ago when I visited Vivero Gardens nursery. I had never seen the white one before and really had no idea where I would put it. Just look at it admiring itself in the mirror.

And even getting in on this bird-planted American beauty berry, Calicarpa americana.

I keep the plant loosely pruned and remove lower growth so it is more tree like. We'll enjoy the bloom for many more days.


  1. I have three of the 'Green Cloud' cultivars of Texas sage in my garden with the usual pinkish/purplish flowers. I have never seen one with white blooms before. That is very nice! And I love the way you have it pruned! Around here these inevitably get pruned into manicured balls and other shapes. I much prefer their more natural growth.

  2. I never even knew there was a white-flowered Leucophyllum. It's a beauty and the mirror's placement is perfect. I love the Callicarpa too and am left wondering, once again, why I never can find that plant here.

  3. These pictures make your garden look so cool and calm. A prefect place to hang out during the summer.