Saturday, October 6, 2018


Trying to work outside in this horrendous humidity is downright miserable. Where is our October weather? Those clear, dry days we expect after a brutal summer. They are just not happening this year and it means a delay in our fall gardening jobs.  This morning I took a walk around the garden with camera, while waiting for some garden visitors to arrive.

The entry garden doesn't see much in the way of change through the seasons although it won't be long before many of these plants will be moved to their winter homes.

In the front courtyard the pink crystal grass, Melinus nerviglumis is starting to flower. Those seed heads will ensure a new crop of grasses for next year.

You wouldn't know there was sunken garden here. Viewed over the wall from the English garden.

In the English garden Rosa 'Felicia' with her beguiling fragrance. Just a glimpse of her through the Sun and Moon archway.

The Philippine violet on the corner of the patio is just starting to bloom.

As is the shrimp plant. A new addition to this same corner.

The planter of bunny ears cactus, Opuntia microdasys, is back on the wall.

Peas are up.

Mexican mint marigold, Tagetes lucida, is just starting to bloom.

Lots of grasses in the herb garden and one big one over by the potting shed. This one is lemon grass, Cymbopogon.

The stock tank pond surrounded by gaillardia, cosmos and narrow leaf zinnias.

A splash of pink from the Japanese anemone. Are their petals supposed to be distorted?

The fall bloomers have definitely enjoyed our recent rains. And there is more to come this weekend.


  1. It may be humid but the rain did its work in delivering a kaleidoscope of color! I'm glad to see your Barleria is starting to bloom - hopefully, that means mine isn't far behind. We're not showing much chance of rain until late November now, which is aggravating to say the least.

  2. All your plants seem to be singing, "It rained on me, I'm happy!!!!!!!!". It is beautiful to see that.

    Sorry to hear the humidity has been intense. That sort of weather sucks the energy out of me. I hope you get your good October gardening days very soon.

  3. Well, your garden is at perfection as always! I do seriously have a lot to do, but simply can't handle the choking weather at all.

  4. It is so nice to look at these photos and to be able to say "Oh yeah, I've been to this garden" . It really increases the appreciation. I can't imagine gardening in the climate you have to deal with but your garden looks just as fantastic as it did in May for Fling. Rain in summer makes such a huge difference-we are still waiting for the first real rain here in Northern California.Every zone has it's pros and cons !

  5. Amazing to think of Japanese anemones and hybrid musks in bloom in Austin! Humidity is miserable for humans, but the gardens looks to be flourishing.