Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When the folks at Gardener's Supply filmed in our garden a few weeks ago, they left some of their plants with us at the end of the weekend. One of them was a standard hibiscus. This is a plant that David loves so it will be wintering over, along with the lemons and cactus in the potting shed. It is still flowering in this incredibly un fall-like weather.

Despite the fact that, some time ago, David said he wasn't going to move any more rocks, he got busy yesterday finding a new rock to use as a bridge over the dry creek in the front garden. And what a rock it was!! It makes a perfect bridge. I had been busy myself removing the rocks from the creek and digging out all the silt and soil that had accumulated over the last 8 years. The creek is now deeper and should drain much better.

The Indian Hawthorn plants along the garage wall were covering over the original stepping stones which have now been moved further out. Our garden is never without the need for continual improvement and I am so grateful to have such a willing hand. Thanks David. Enjoy your bloom.


  1. Hello Rose,

    Tthat hibiscus has beautiful flowers. Here you can buy them as a houseplant.

    Yes idd, it is a hedgehog, which you see on my blog!But it is a figure to secure a door, so they do not shut blowing!He is old, and is always outside.That is why the paint is a bit off.
    But I like him stand in the garden shed.

    Lieve groetjes van Thea

  2. THEA-The plant has been happy outside int he warm weather but today I will be moving it inside. Frost tomorrow. I love the hedgehog-I have several in my garden too.Wish they were real because I have lots of snails and pill bugs.