Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have never bothered growing carrots before, but...

last spring someone gave me a packet of carrot seeds. I planted some then, but summer arrived too quickly and they never grew to a decent size. This year I planted the rest and I have some lovely good sized carrots this time. They are so sweet.

As part of my selection from Gardeners Supply I ordered some veggy scrubbing gloves. They make short work of cleaning the carrots. No peeling needed.

Too bad they have taken them out of the catalogue because they do a great job. However, they are available from other sources.


  1. Those are just lovely! I'm pleased for your success too. I will have to try again. Yummy.

  2. Your carrots look great! So glad they grew for you. Mine are not that far along, but I might have to pull another to check.

  3. Oh, yours look wonderful! I just posted about mine today as well. I hope they will taste good too!!

  4. Carrots in January you lucky lucky girl!! They are beautiful, you just inspired me to add them to my spring planting list!!