Wednesday, April 6, 2011


One of the first gardening books I owned had a photograph of a gardener watering the pavers in her garden. It was an herb garden and between the pavers little plants grew. I remember how much I loved the look of those little plants growing in the cracks, softening the stone. That must be why I let all and sundry grow between my stones. Sometimes herbs appear. In fact I know there will be basil plants there later in the summer, but for now there is Mexican feather grass, gaillardia, Mexican marigold mint, alyssum. Soon there will be the narrow leaf zinnias and coreopsis. There is some weeding to be done, for sure, but it is all worth it, and one of my favorite things to do is to get out on a cool morning and water the stones.


  1. Even at this stage your garden is lovely!

  2. I love your pavers and the beautiful focal point you created with the pot on the post. I get a lot inspiration from your yard, and I might have to borrow that idea.
    I've admired your pavers with plants in the cracks before and often wondered whether you watered them since, to me, the prospect of trying to drag the hose through the area without injuring plants seems tedious. I'm glad the job is something that you find relaxing.

  3. Jean sent me here and I've had the most delightful time scrolling through your posts. What a beautiful garden. After reading I ran out to see if I have any blossoms which I don't, of course. But I can see daffodil shoots coming up. I'll have something to write about next week that is about my garden, not other gardens in far away places.

  4. Witaj ,
    Uwielbiam taki widok pięknych porośniętych szczelin miedzy kamieniami .
    Jak już wspominałam ,bardzo mi się Twój ogród podoba ,jest zupełnie inny jak u nas w Polsce .
    róż rosnąca koło muru...nic dodać nic ując ,ja bym proponowała nie przycinać ,bo pnących się nie tnie ,no chyba ,że pędy zmarzły ,to je obcinamy ,A tak to wszystko jest u Ciebie ok.
    Pozdrawiam Bogusia

  5. I don't know why, but I like to water the pavers and stepping stones as well. I have all kinds of cute stuff growing in between them, but would love to get basil started. What a nice idea. :-)
    I think I water the pavers because it seems to me that the little plants between them have such a difficult life growing in a bit of dirt in a crack...perhaps I know they are thankful that someones notices them.
    David/ Tropical Texana/ Houston

  6. Polish to English translation from Bogusia: (I used google translate)

    I love to see such beautiful sprouted cracks between the stones.
    As already mentioned, I really like your garden is quite different to ours in Poland.
    roses growing next to the wall ... nothing more to add, I would not propose to cut, because climbing is not happy, no, unless Zmarzly shoots, it is truncated, and so it is with you all about
    Yours Bogus

  7. I can see your delight in doing that!!! Such fun!!!

  8. By watering the pavers, you are watering the roots of the plants as well. Besides, doesn't it look lovely after watering or after a rain?

  9. Your garden is amazing. I have to stop by your blog often to see what new view of your garden you've photographed now.