Monday, April 11, 2011


This may not be exciting to most but we finally have someone living in the bee house. It happened almost overnight. One minute I was thinking that the house must be placed wrongly and then yesterday I realized some of the holes had been sealed. The question is, who is in there? I'll probably never know. I just hope it isn't another case of the wrong people moving in as in the owl house.

Furthermore, the old mud dauber nest, on the wall by the kitchen door, is also being reused. Several of the openings have been sealed again. I really did mean to take it down. It's beginning to look as though it part of the house!


  1. Love the bird house- I remember that from last year when you posted it- it is so clever. Love it. Mud daubers- not my favorite- we have a few I discovered last week here as well. How about that rain??? We didn't get it at the house but did here at the nursery- so excited. Did you get any?

  2. I love the bee house. Very cute :-)

  3. What a great idea for a bee house. What did you use for the holes? I'd love to copy it.


  4. Kacky- Their nests can be annoying but the mud daubers are garden friendly as they carry other insects into the the nest to feed the hatching young.
    Some like it hot-I sued the cardboard tubes from coat hangers. Not perfect but this project was made using found things.

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