Sunday, April 17, 2011


If you are wondering who this cute couple are they are Michael and Katherine Cain, the owners of Vivero Growers, located at 12000 A HWY 290W. Katherine goes by the name of Kacky ( her family have called her that for ever) and blogs at Vivero Garden.

Michael has been in the wholesale business for more than 15 years and they are now open to the public at this new location. I can tell you their nursery is worth a visit. You might just find that unusual plant you have been searching for.

Their nursery stock is healthy and well tended.

They have agaves, cactus, sedges, agastache. Lion's tail plants I could have walked off with in a minute. They had huge pots of papyrus which made me wish that I had done that water feature in my side entry. I don't think I can manage an agave with a papyrus in the same bed!

They have a darling little shed inside of which Kacky has hung some of her garden photography, which is also for sale.

I have been planning to go out there for months and, after Kacky, I think I'll call her Katherine, posted about her Calandrinia, and that they had more of them in the nursery, I suggested to David that we drive out that way after our usual Saturday morning walk. I remember seeing this plant on a garden tour last year. Struck by the gorgeous magenta flowers. Michael tells me it spreads readily, so it will feel right at home in my garden, and although it may not be hardy here, I can break off and root a cutting quite easily. I'll give it a go. Katherine is holding a pot with flower. I bought one that was not in flower yet, but loaded with buds.


  1. I'm glad to know about this place. Thanks for the virtual visit.

  2. awesome- definitely on my list the first free date I get!

  3. Looks wonderful. Does anybody know the name of the tall succulent in the last photo? A type of senecio perhaps?

  4. Thanks for the introduction -- looks like a great place. I have to nursery hop tomorrow to price plants for a client, so I'll add that to my list! (And I might just need a few things for myself...just maybe!)

  5. Thank you for the post!!! It was so nice to meet you and your husband. Glad you enjoyed your visit!!! To answer greenwords, it is the Senecio mandraliscae - they are great and grow really fast but can freeze, so I would recommend protecting it or bringing it indoors in the winter. Thanks again!!!

  6. knowledge is power.This place is the real deal.

  7. Nice plants !
    Lancashire rose - Thanks for visiting ! I am happy you liked my pictures... Thank you for your lovely comment !