Saturday, April 16, 2011


When Engelmann's daisy, Engelmannia peristenia, takes over. In three years one little plant has reseeded and spawned monsters. They are much taller than the roadside plants and, pretty as they are, they have to go. 'Mannia' like zexmania is a good suffix..

Tomorrow morning! I know there is something waiting behind them to take their place. Smaller is better when it comes to rock gardening.


  1. What a beautiful place! Really lovely and unusual plants. Some of the exotic plants are really fascinating but unfortunately won't grow in my area.

  2. Well, I agree...I can see your point why you would want to keep the plants small in a rock garden...but a few of the taller looks awesome in there as well!!! This garden is a most delicious place!!!

  3. Oh gosh, you're where I am with things taking over. I have Centranthus (Jupiter's Beard) in white and pink, wanting to own every square inch of ground. I have been tugging it out, but now I see lots of butterflies on the pink (never the white) and I am thinking that I should be a little less harsh.

    Happy day,


  4. Hi Sandra- Thanks for visiting. Yes, I have plenty of those succulents which I have to keep in pots because it does get too cold here in the winter.
    Julie- I wish I had put those babies at the back of the bed. Who knew they would get so tall.
    Sharon- That is one of the most difficult things. Taking plants out when the bees and birds are just loving them to death. However, I did get ruthless this morning and pulled out some of the yellow daisy and masses of wine cups. I feel a lot better now.

  5. That is the hardest thing to do...pulling totally nice plants out of a space that are loved by the wildlife....but I get get. A rock garden needs to have form and it looks like the plants were outgrowing the space. You know what I was thinking.....those succulents....what if they were in pots and put int the ground yet could be pulled before winter?