Monday, November 14, 2011


So here I am after a full day outside. Walked 5 miles, worked outside until I was dropping, showered then set to work on the pomegranates.

I need a little entertainment while I work and today it was listening to an episode of Gardners' Question Time on BBC Radio 4.  I can't begin to tell you how much I learn listening to this show.

Recently I learnt that all those nitrogen fixing nodules on the roots of legumes are almost completely depleted after flowering. So when I strip my bluebonnet nodules off, after flowering, and turn them into the soil there is little nitrogen left. I have to do it before flowering. As though I would do that! But, I am growing a cover crop of Austrian peas, in two of my veggy. beds,  this year and I will be digging them in.

I learnt that the reason one clump of narcissus failed to bloom last year is because they are getting far too much shade now, underneath the yaupon holly. So I dug them up and replanted in sunnier locations. There were 39!!

Earthworms don't like to be disturbed so don't be turning over the bed each time.

So the show I listened to today was from the village of Walsham le Willows in Surrey. I think you would find the show interesting and highly entertaining and available as a podcast.
At the very end, as I removed the arils from another pomegranate, I learnt that it was unlikely to be the  the apple which tempted Eve. More than likely it was the pomegranate. Who wouldn't be tempted by those plump little beauties


  1. It's always good to learn something new.
    Where DO you get all that energy?

  2. I've listened to 5 minutes of the newest episode, and I'm hooked! Thanks so much for introducing me to this show!

  3. Linda- I can tell you I was dead by 8pm. Couldn't keep my eyes open.
    Alan- I haven't listened to that one but do listen to the Surrey one. It is one of the best, especially the visit to the garden of Bob Flowerdew, with all the uses for carpet, tires, freezers etc. I wonder if this garden has an open day. What a character and what a name!

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