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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Happy Bloom Day, everyone. Please join Carol of Maydreams Gardens in celebration of November Bloom Day.
Nothing really new blooming in my garden this middle of November, but something interesting. At first glance it may look a little like the Holly and the Ivy, but in fact it is the pyracantha and the chile pequin.

This variegated chile pequin showed up this year and I really like it. Variegation is caused by the inability of the merstem tissue to produce chloroblasts. The tissue is unable to make chlorophyl resulting in the light colored tissue.  Chiles grow all over the garden because the mocking bird drops the seeds from his perches high up on the walls. To maintain this plant I might have to take cuttings. I think it's worth a try to keep this one going.

The espaliered pyracantha has scaled the kitchen wall as far as it is allowed to go.

When we see the branches through the high windows we know it is time to get out the ladder and do some trimming.
This year the plant has been particularly fruitful, much to the mocking bird's delight. We'll see whether he permits the cedar wax wings to feast there in the spring.


  1. Thanks for explaining variegation. Yes, that's a keeper!

    This spring, my 5 year old duranta decided to "go variegated" on several of its limbs. Very odd.

  2. That variegation is interesting. Was that particular pequin as hardy as the others? On one of my Turk's Caps, there is one branch, every year, which has a streaked effect because of variegation. It always reminds me of a brunette who has a grey streak in his/her hair. I always think that looks very striking.

  3. I do hope you're around when the wax wings come in to feast; I'd love to see photos of that! They are fascinating. Last year they swooped in for a drink at the stock tank pond. Here one minute, gone the next. Was so glad to have seen them!

  4. Love how the pyracantha has climbed the wall, looks fabulous!
    Happy GBBD :)

  5. Your Pyracantha is great!
    I love growing on walls! I think that this shrub is perfect .
    Perhaps too much pruning, but the effect is lovely.

  6. I've said it before but I LOVE that pyracantha. I'm definitely giving this a try next year.

    How do you keep it upright again? Is there a trellis or some wires or something, or is it just self-supporting on its thick "trunk"?

  7. Sandy- I haven't yet decided if this is a branch or a new plant. I hope the latter. It really lights up that corner of the garden.
    Tina- This si the first year it has appeared so I don't know if it will return. I plan the cutting just in case.
    Cat- i hope the mocking bird is gone otherwise they won't be allowed to eat. He is such a bully, I've watched him chase them off.
    Christine- It is now 10 years old and always needs a lot of trimming. But, it is glorious when it flowers and when it fruits.
    Yolanda- Yes, walls are perfect for growing things.
    Alan-To begin with I just cut off anything that grew forwards or backwards. Then I used some of those glu things. It pulled those off the wall. Now the main branches are tied into supports drilled into the wall ( about 4). I think we finally have it under control.Just added new ones as it was trained. I also have a yaupon which I am espaliering against another wall. Dropped by the mocking bird, of course. I do need to tie it back a little as it is leaning forward a tad, but is self supporting right now.

  8. What a fabulous looking plant! The variegation is particularly great. I had a Pseudomussaenda that suddenly developed a variegated branch, but before I had a chance to take a cutting the poor shrub was decimated by the cyclone we experienced early this year. I'm waiting patiently to see the shrub come back and hopefully throw out another branch with variegated leaves.

  9. Your Pyracantha is beautiful!!!!

  10. Love the variegated chile pequin, I hope it does well...that would be lovely to propogate!

  11. The variegated chili pequin is something I didn't know about. I don't seem to have luck germinating peppers so I hope someone decides to offer these as plants. How ornamental!

  12. Holly and Ivy, Chili and Pyracantha, it's all fun. Great post.

  13. Those are some really fantastic photos you captured.
    Cher Sunray Gardens

  14. What a magnificent Pyracantha! I need a wall! gail

  15. Your Pyracantha is wonderful. I've thought about one...because the deer don't seem to bother it.
    Just not sure where...they need some room.

    Hope your Mockingbird gets a little friendlier.

  16. This thing is absolutely gorgeous!!! WOWZERS!!!


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