Thursday, May 3, 2012


The day lilies begin to open their blooms with perfect timing. Greeting me every morning with a fresh new bloom.

They appear overnight and in such a timely fashion. The spring garden is just beginning to wind down and I am ready to pull out the poppies and larkspurs.

There never was a more neglected plant than these and yet every year here they are with their gorgeous blooms. Is there a day lily that is not loved I wonder.

These plants came from an old colleague of my husbands who have a ranch down near Gonzales where they breed their own lilies for enjoyment. The names are long lost but their generous gift goes on for ever.


  1. My daylilies started today, Jenny. I always look forward to the daylily season so much! I see you have many beautiful purples; most of mine are apricot and pink tones, I need to get more dark purples mixed in there. Beautiful!

  2. Just beautiful!
    I have some yellow, but those purple yours are great!!

  3. Really beautiful varieties! Love the mix of color in the first shot; the daylilies look especially lovely with the coneflower and Mexican sage contrasts.

  4. Beautiful plants! They are so cheerful. I somehow managed to kill the only daylily I've had - though it was a bargain plant to begin with, so I'm blaming it on a weak constitution..

  5. I have to admit that I've never been much of a daylily fan in the past, but last year a friend of mine who is the daylily society gave me some interesting named varieties, so I put them in special places in my garden and this year, I am so excited to see what the blooms look like!! They are special now because my friend gave them to me :-) And I know next year they will be even better after they have time to multiply. I have been pulling my poppies every day. I collect a few seeds and pull. The larkspur are still hanging in there. My poor zexmenia that was under the poppies is struggling to live because it was so crowded and shaded out. In just a few days it has put on new growth, so I think it will be fine, but it sure was set back. Love your pink and burgundy varieties of daylilies!!!!

  6. I love daylilies. Unfortunately, mine aren't doing much. Most of mine were gifts from some friends. They're deciduous and I'm thinking that doesn't work as well as evergreens, here in Texas heat. We'll see. They look healthy, just no blooms yet.
    I would have brought some from my old garden, but didn't have enough fenced area for them then. I'm told the deer love them.
    Yours are beautiful.

    1. Mostly, evergreens do better in heat, but some of the old deciduous ones do not seem to mind.

  7. I had orange ones in a prior garden, and the deer mowed them down. This was so discouraging, that I've not tried them since. Yours are beautiful, Jenny! Perhaps I should try them close to the house! I really appreciate plants that thrive in the face of neglect.