Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have missed so many bloom days this year, due to absence from the garden, and this was to be a really nice one. We had so much summer-like weather in November and December that the whole garden was blooming crazy. Then......

Three nights of temperatures in the 20s. Does this look like a Christmas tree to you? This poor wilted mother of thousands. I thought it did and I also thought it deserved a star!

The tough soap aloe, on the other hand, shrugged off those freezing nights and the bloom promises to fully open this week.

The gray mallow also survived. How I love this plant and so do the bees. It may be lucky being somewhat sheltered from a north wind but all around are shriveled and blackened so I think this is a tough survivor.

Not looking so happy is the one Celosia spicata I permitted to stay in the garden.

And yet just 10' away, outside the garden and behind the compost bins, a survivor.

Finally the flowering, soon to leave this world, Agave desmettiana, opening its lower flowers and then getting zapped. I'm afraid the others will not open.
How is your garden faring now that winter is upon us in the Northern hemisphere and summer has arrived in the Southern hemisphere? Share your bloom day photographs with the rest of us at Maydreams.


  1. The survivors are always a key to what to plant next year. Cute, the improvisational Christmas tree. Happy Bloom Day.

  2. Love that Celosia---the survivor, not the other. Oh dear, that one looks so "sad".
    Nothing blooming up here but hopes for an early spring.
    (I can't believe I just wrote that---me, the QUEEN of snow---but this winter looks to be a "bust", so it might as well skip right over to spring!)

  3. A nice assortment there, and I notice some now hiding against walls, less blooms in the open? Glad to share our cold we got a day was a shock to all!

  4. You Texans are still able to show off at this time of the year. Not fair!

  5. Oh my, your aloe shot looks almost like mine! I really want to get a globe mallow plant, never managed to grow any from seeds.

  6. I spent quite awhile trying to figure out what that star shaped thing on the kalanchoe was...then I paged down and read indeed it was a star. Temperatures in the 20's! Wow. Still waiting for our first frost up here.

  7. Three cheers for the blooms that survived. Soap aloe is going on my list. And I just planted a mallow like yours last month; love that deep apricot color.