Wednesday, December 5, 2012


This summer, on our travels, we went to the local downtown market in Boise, Idaho. It was the end of the market day and I walked over to where the ladies of Iris Island Ranch had a table of iris rhizomes. I had the immediate feeling that they were very anxious to sell me some and when I learnt they had some dwarf specimens I was more than ready to buy. Perfect for my rockery was my thought.

By the time we got home a month later they were looking pretty well traveled. On September 28th I finally potted them up.

Just a temporary measure until I had a place ready for them in the ground. A few weeks later when they were settled into their pots I put them in the ground.

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I noticed one of them had started to flower. This dwarf Autumn Maple has certainly lived up to its name. December 5th, 74° but still Autumn. As the flower is only 1' tall I had to get down on my knees to check out the subtle fragrance. Sweet it is.


  1. Looking like fall-spring will be your winter! Amazing iris, but with your weather, not surprised one bit.

    1. Yes, David. There have been several days when I myself was confused. The mourning doves and cardinals were singing and I was sure it was spring.

  2. How lucky are you? I love that color!

  3. Love the "softness" of that color. Congrats on a fine purchase!

  4. Lovely!I love the iris rebloom!
    I have some dwarf but they only bloom in spring, you are lucky! and the color is delicious!

  5. I am fond of most flowers in the brown range, and this maple bloom is yummy - well named. It resembles the dwarf I saw on Alan's blog It's Not Work it's Gardening, called 'Gingerbread Boy' (or Man?). His photo showed an electric blue shot of color on the falls. Good buy, Jenny!

  6. I love the use of landscaping rocks in utah. And now I really want to go visit the gardens!