Friday, December 7, 2012


For several years now we have spend at least a few days every summer in Salt Lake City. Anyone who has done genealogical research knows that the Family History Library in Salt Lake has the most incredible collection of microfilm records anywhere in the world. That is what drew us to Salt Lake in the first place. Now a visit to gardens at the mouth of Red Butte Canyon is a must. They truly are spectacular.

The four seasons garden

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Wasatch Range these gardens rank at the top my list of favorite garden to visit. 100 acres of natural, display gardens and walking trails exemplify the garden mission which is to "cultivate the human connection with the beauty of living landscapes" Red Butte is part of the University of Utah and is the largest botanic garden for the testing, display and interpretation of regional horticulture in the Intermountain west.

I would love to see the gardens in the spring when the hillsides are filled with wildflowers but temperatures are always in the 90s and above when we are there. An early morning visit is a must. We take the higher pathway which leads first into the children's garden.

This year they have added a new feature in keeping with the 'green roof' movement.

Under the bridge and into the waterfall garden.

A family enjoys a quiet lunch in the shade.

There are flower pot men.

Birthday cakes .

And a sand box surrounded by critters.

A few years ago they began work on a new rose garden. We have watched it develop into this beautiful arena of color and fragrance. The perfect wedding venue.

The pear arbor

The floral walk

But my favorite gardens of all are the fragrance, medicinal and herb gardens which follow on one from another. There is nothing I like better than to see flowers spilling over onto sandstone pavers.

Their pots are always spectacular. I think the large size really helps to keep the plants healthy in the heat of summer.

I like the way they group the pots to break up large areas of concrete paving. This area s outside the Orangery, which is used as a wedding venue.

We stopped to have our own lunch in the beautiful courtyard setting. Then, I wasn't going to leave without a visit to the shop.

I'm quite sure we will find the need to do a little more research in Salt Lake's Family History Library and another visit to these spectacular gardens.


  1. Looks like I should visit there with all those nicely done garden areas. Sort of similar to here, but those surrounding hills look so much wetter and more "northern" than here...very enticing!

  2. I just stumbled upon your Blog. Love the tour you posted today. What a beautiful garden. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan it doesn't look like that! I try my best, but wow, I liked the hills and garden rooms that you posted. Thanks much. That must be on my list for places to tour next time I go West. Thanks again. I will be back to check on your Blog. Jack

  3. I really enjoy your trips. They are a great preview of places I would love to visit some day. Thank you!

  4. I always love seeing your pictures from your garden travels - mostly because I know my husband would never agree to visit the botanical gardens at the various places we go to (even when we get in free because I'm a member at the Wildflower Center).

  5. What a lovely garden. I'll have to add it to my must-see list.

  6. This was an amazing walk through the botanical garden. I enjoyed the photos and will look at them several times more to drain ideas and inspiration for my garden projects. Thank you.

  7. As much as I love genealogy, I would spend my time here at the garden. It looks like a great place to explore, high temperatures or not.