Saturday, December 22, 2012


I'll say one thing about my husband. When I suggest a project he gets right on it and finishes it in no time.

Even though the builder put in this little wall to hide the air conditioners from the street, I didn't like seeing them when I drove into the garage.
Do you remember when all fences had upright slats? I was looking through an old garden book and there wasn't a fence in sight with horizontal slats. Today they are quite common and to my mind much more attractive. Here they play off the side gate which also has horizontal slats. The fence also hides the aerator on our septic equipment. We pondered whether to add a return at the other end but in the end decided not to. It would have spoiled the look from the raised driveway.
A neighbor came by and couldn't understand why we were doing such a project. "Only the deer will see it" he said. I say we because I did do the staining.
Hm!! let me see what else I can think up to keep him busy.


  1. Good job! He should take a bow that's a nice fence. Very modern and in style with the house.

    Hiding the A/C is on my list too. We are updating the inside and the list is long.

    I'm sure you'll think of something.

  2. Really nice job!

    I've noticed more horizontal fencing locally too -- I wouldn't call it "common", but there are a couple I've seen.

  3. Looks really good - Don't worry about the whole "only the deer will see it" it's one of those things - There are certain things that will just drive me nuts until they're complete, even if no one (or hardly anyone) ever sees them.

  4. Merry Christmas Jen! And a horizontal new year!

  5. That looks lovely. If David runs out of projects at your house, please send him over here. I can think of a few to keep him busy.

  6. Oh gosh, Jenny, that is gorgeous!! After David goes to Pam's, could you send him to me? He'd be horrified, me thinks. I really love this!