Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Several weeks ago I set up my new stock tank water garden on a small bare patch of gravel tucked behind the potting shed. It is one way to keep the weeds out of this area! Measuring 4'x 2' it was a perfect fit.

In front of the tank you can see what I call my weeds! Feather grass, blanket flowers, mealy blue sage and cornflowers. Pretty now but starting to get a little annoying. They won't be there for much longer.

Nymphaea 'Pygmaea Helvola'
My friend Pam Penick, who has written tutorials on how to set up and care for such a tank was dividing her pond plants a few weeks ago. She generously passed on to me divisions of dwarf papyrus, Helvola, Colorado water lily and Crinum. I added some oxygenating plants from the nursery and Parrot's feather from Ally, of Garden Ally,  who has a lovely koi pond.
Things have been slow to get moving until recently. More lily pads each day and then a few days ago I spotted a bloom bud below the water. You can't beat something like this for getting me excited. I watched, I waited. Just this morning I was convinced it would not be today.

Colorado lily
This morning no sign, then after lunch I was busy filling the watering can at the rain barrel in that corner. When I turned around and saw it I exclaimed out loud and rushed inside to get my camera to record my first bloom. The wait was over and I had my new baby! Thank you Pam.

The water is rather murky with algae and string algae but I am told it will take some time for the pond to settle down and become clear. I can't see if there are any more down there and with all those tiny Helvola leaves surely my next surprise will be their blooms.


  1. There is something so serene about water lilies in bloom. Thanks for sharing your first baby! May you have many (many) more!

  2. What a beautiful first water lily flower! Congratulations! I wish my "weeds" looked as good as yours!

  3. Beautiful! Makes me want to make a pond. :-)

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful water lily. I would personally kill to have weeds as lovely as yours!

  5. Wow! I have pond-envy. Pam's stock tank 'how-to' is my favorite of all her posts. Will be fun to see how it develops.

  6. Absolutely dreamy ! You have magic green thumbs and magic photography too.
    I will dream about your "weeds" this night...

  7. You are very welcome, Jenny! There's nothing like that first jewel-like water lily, is there? And 'Colorado' is definitely an early bird for me too -- much earlier than 'Helvola'. As you discovered, the buds open when the sun warms them and close as the shadows fall.