Monday, June 23, 2014


I used to have a beautiful hybrid clematis on the trellis in the front courtyard. It died and was replaced with a smaller native Texas clematis cultivar I purchased at the Wildflower Center sale. When it flowered I was disappointed in its color and its performance. Last fall I put it on a drip, added slow release fertilizer and voila. It did the trick.

Right now it is festooned with seed heads and more new flowers are appearing. Although not quite the purple I had hoped for they are much improved. All the plant needed was a little help.


  1. That is a really special wild-looking seed head!

  2. Oh Jenny, that's so beautiful. Aren't you glad you babied it a little? Enjoy!

  3. A gorgeous blossom even if not as showy as other non-native cultivars. The waiting can make the reward more appreciated, yes? I love a story with a happy ending, especially when sweet flowering vines are concerned.

    Your tale brought me a much needed lesson today to be a little more patient, and a reminder it takes time for a plant to get securely established, which, even for a native, may take more than one cycle of seasons. Thanks for sharing!