Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I am pleased to be able to add my garden photographs to the July Garden Bloggers' Bloom day. We usually find ourselves on the road at this point in the summer but this year the future naming ceremony of our 6th grandchild is keeping us home.
Although the heat of summer is upon us and we have not been blessed with any rain for weeks, a few plants struggle to keep up with the conditions while others make their debut.
The Echinopsis is blooming for the third time this year and there are still more blooms appearing on the plant. They have been coming in two by two. They open during the night and are gone by lunch time but this one opened this week and deserved to be on bloom day.

I am lucky that these three blooms opened yesterday. They are a little tougher than the echinopsis and remain open for three days. I am not sure of the name so if anyone knows please share.

For the hardy water lilies, Nymphaea 'Colorado' heat means nothing as they bathe all day long. They are morning bloomers.

The skullcaps have been blooming all summer. Some have already been cut back to bring them back into bloom for the fall. Others will get a trim at the end of the month.

I cut back the chocolate daisy, Berlandiera lyrata,  a few weeks ago and it is back in bloom. Another morning bloomer.

I have no idea why this has been such a good year for the Texas clematis. The blooms may be tinier but they keep on coming.

Zinnias are popping up everywhere. One of my favorites is the spider zinnia, Zinnia tenuifolia 'Red Spider' It's seeds survive in the ground through the winter but they don't germinate until the ground has really warmed up.

The pale blue Plumbago auriculata, just now beginning to bloom. It will bloom until frost.

Of course Morning Glory always finds a place to grow. This one round by the water barrels.

And Blackfoot daisy, Melampodium leucanthum with its faintly almond fragrance.

Gaura still struggling to put out tiny blooms.

Finally the ever returning Ruellia pop up wherever a spot of color is needed.

I hope you are having a wonderful bloom day and if you are stop by Maydreams to share your blooms.


  1. Rock Rose- What is the name of that small purple bush salvia? I want one! I wonder if Plant Delights has it- Thanks!

    1. It is a Purple skullcap, Scutellaria wrightii. Not sure where you live Betsy but this is a native plant and re-seeds readily. You may just look for it under purple skullcap. Good luck finding it.

  2. Your blooms are beautiful!
    My Gaura died out after our extended and very harsh winter. I miss those wispy blooms weaving through my other plants.

  3. Your garden is always so colorful and filled with beautiful flowers.
    I will try and send your way all the rain we're having. We really don't need it. :)

  4. Your garden is always beautiful.
    Love that last shot. The light is perfect.

  5. Your skullcaps look great! The purple has such a beautiful shape. And now I'm going out to see if my blackfoot daisy smells like almonds... ;)

  6. You've got a lovely assortment of blooms despite the heat. I'm growing scullcap for the first time and just cut mine back after the first flush of bloom - I'm glad to hear that they should come back for another round. Happy GBBD!

  7. The white echinopsis is just gorgeous. I am a fan of Ruellia which seems to bloom best when most other plants are resting. Love the Texas Clematis with its delicate blooms.

    We have had an afternoon of rain and dropping temps so that makes it an excellent day!

  8. So many blooms in your garden right now! I need to take a page out of your (garden) book and plant more mid-late summer bloomers. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beautiful Echinopsis. Mine is also blooming very well this year. Happy GBBD!

  10. Lovely flowers. I really like that Zinnia; a bit more delicate and wild-looking than the usual kinds.

  11. Oh, the Echinopsis is beautiful! Too bad the blooms don't last longer. I love all clematis - yours is so cute! Happy GBBD, and congratulations on your grandchild!

  12. Your pretty cactus flowers sent me scurrying to see did I miss the first open blooms on Epiphyllum last night?

    Zinnias are a wonderful dependable summer flower and butterflies love them in the fall when other flowers pale.

  13. Beautiful flowers this time around. I had no idea that we could cut back skullcap. Mine are getting leggy and I didn't know what to do. That's a different type of morning glory than I'm used to seeing. It has beautiful leaves and a lovely shade of blue. Hope you (we) get rain soon. David/:0)

  14. How exciting! A sixth grandchild! Your family is blooming as prodigiously as your garden, Jenny.

    Love the red zinnia - I'm going to look out for these on sale locally. Great pops of unexpected color just when they are needed. And good advice for the skullcap - I finally put in a couple and hadn't really researched what to do with them past where they'd like to be planted. Thank you!

  15. So amazing Zinnia's pop up everywhere in your garden. I'm trying desperately to grow them in containers here but not with all that much success again this year. Last year was rather good, best ever for Zinnia's. I keep trying ;)
    You garden is beautiful as ever. A pearl! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I love those red spider zinnias. Blooms are a bit sparse in my garden right now, since the rains keep missing us. Thank goodness for water lilies!