Saturday, July 12, 2014


At least twice over the last couple of months David has told me that I have lots of green tomatoes and then asked if I was planning on making green tomato chutney. Yesterday, as the tomato crop dwindles due to high summer heat,  I decided it was time to pick some of what was left and get busy in the kitchen.

This afternoon was the perfect time. It was miserably hot out, the humidity was sky high and there was no way I wanted to be outside. Instead I'll slave over a hot stove in the air-conditioned kitchen.
You can check the recipe here. After half an hour of chopping everything was in the pot and on the stove.

After a couple of hours the mixture became a thick brown chutney. The kitchen smells wonderful.

Time to pot up in my saved, sterilized  Bonne Maman jars. Less than half an hour later the lids had all popped. No need to do any canning with this recipe. The sugar and vinegar along with sterilizing jars and lids is enough.

Lots of chutney for gifts and to have with our curries.


  1. Don't you just love how a man will "hint" without actually HINTING? LOL!
    Looks like you got a fine batch of chutney done--enjoy!

  2. I had to google what is chutney. We don't have it here. This looks delicious. I think I found another way to cook my leftover green tomatoes. Usually I just made sour green tomatoes.

  3. I'm not growing tomatoes this year but got a few green ones in our CSA basket. Unfortunately I'm the only one who likes them fried and I'd never tried chutney, so I grilled them to experiment. They were really delicious that way and if you have any left after your chutney making needs are filled you might give them a try. The balance of sweet and tart that the grilling brings out is a real treat!

  4. Funny, but I'm not into tomatoes! That's some work to not let it go to waste, but I commend you. And you both are making it into some fine food, as I remember. We're cooling down for the monsoon season, finally...few 100's from here and on:-)

  5. A canning recipe where you don't have to actually can? That sounds like a winner! This recipe sounds really awesome, though sadly I don't think my husband would care for it (he doesn't like chutneys with anything sweet in them). What kind of curries do you eat with it?