Saturday, October 11, 2014


I know, you have heard it all before, but this past week I came to grips with how I must keep my pathways clear. Once again it was becoming ridiculous, having to walk on the vegetable beds to get anywhere. And it was time to think about the fall/winter garden.

I will say that the cedar mulch I put down in the early summer did the trick. Very few weeds to contend with. I have already planted snow peas, kale, chard, broccoli and Napa cabbage. I tried a new idea for seeding this year. I heard on Gardeners' Question Time the idea of laying pieces of 2x4 on the bare ground and mulching over the top. That way when you are ready to plant seeds you just lift the 2x4 and bare earth awaits. I didn't have a 2x4 so I used a length of drain pipe.

I had to remove the mulch first, amend the soil and then lay the mulch back down. It seems to work and arugula seeds planted 3 days ago are already germinating.
Napa cabbage is really coming along.

I am pleased to say I have limes this year. After my concern about the distorted flowers on the tree we have a nice crop.

Mexican limes

There are plenty of Meyer lemons but they are the smallest fruit I have ever seen. I shall have to blame that on the lack of summer rain although it may be they need root pruning. Either way the soil needs replenishing in the pots as in some cases it is 6" below the pot rim. No other lemon compares with a Meyer lemon.

I am feeling rather pleased with my new-found tidy look and moving next to the long vegetable beds. More of a challenge.


  1. You should be pleased, I wish my house was that tidy!

  2. I'm suitably impressed! I avoid even looking at my vegetable garden - it's a mess and I haven't planted any cool season crops.

  3. That's a great tip about using a 2x4 (or pipe) to keep a cleared spot for seeds while mulching, thanks for sharing! You must be so pleased with how neat everything is. I'm inspired to get out put my own arugula seed in as soon as the ground is ready to be worked!

  4. Your veggie beds look great--even empty!

    When (and how) will you deal with your lemon's soil? They have fruit on them all year, don't they?

  5. Looks very nice.
    I'm afraid I've developed the 'can't pull it out because it's blooming' syndrome. I need to get over it, and get things cleaned up.
    That's a great tip, about the board for a clear planting row.

  6. Love your new tidy beds. But I also love the self-seeded lushness of your garden as well. Those photos taken in the early light were gorgeous. Just spent time catching up on your posts. Always like a mini vacation to visit your garden.

  7. Wow it looks fantastic! Now if I could only organize my garden!