Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It was such a lovely, sunny winter's day Sunday and we spent the afternoon at our friends' ranch near Blanco. They have done some amazing work out there with their landscape structures and this time we were going to see their pizza oven in action.
It might just have been an uninteresting concrete pathway that led out to the oven but, but no, they have fancied up the concrete with some leaf impressions.

I am still puzzling over these first ones because in the photo you would swear they were in relief. The sun, low in the sky must be creating the illusion.

 Either way they captured my attention when walking out towards the patio.

Here's their magnificent pizza oven.

So how exactly do you serve pizza to a crowd? Everyone is in charge of their own pizza. First you have to roll your own dough. You pinch a piece off the dough from the bucket, roll it out, put it on a piece of parchment paper on a plate. Next you choose your toppings. Spoilt for choice might sum this up.

Then it's time to take your pizza out to be baked. It slips into the oven on its piece of parchment which I am told helps prevent the bottom getting burnt.

A short time later out it comes.

The pizzas came out in pretty rapid succession and one or two were made extra large for sharing while waiting for others to bake.
On the way home David was wondering where we could built a similar oven but that's one project I don't think will never happen.


  1. We make pizza once a week around here, so that's something that might be nice--especially in the summer when I don't want to heat up the house.
    I bet that was mighty tasty. What a HUGE selection of toppings. What fun!

  2. Cool impressions and the pizza looks yummy!

  3. That concrete pathway is fantastic. The pizza oven's no slouch either. ;-)

  4. Looks tasty. Tell David to go ahead and build that pizza oven. I'll be happy to be his guinea pig as he figures out how to cook them.

  5. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! I love the plant impressions in the concrete pathway. Nan Ondra demonstrated something similar using plaster on her Hayefield blog earlier this month - I wonder if a similar technique was used in this case?

  6. Yum! that's a pretty amazing pizza oven. And nice details on the walkway too! Your friends have a pretty amazing back yard!

  7. Beautiful! I love all the botanicals in the cement! That pizza oven is so awesome too - my husband would be so jealous! He is quite the pizza lover, and if we had one of those he'd probably fire it up even through the snow!

  8. Love those leaf impressions! I've read about DIYing pizza ovens on Pinterest. I, too, have been tempted...for a (piping) hot second. But where would either of us even be able to fit a pizza oven?!! And really, how often would it get used?

  9. Our brains simply do NOT want to accept those images as anything other than "above" the surface. It's all about the angle of the light - our eyes evolved to figure out the position of things with the light coming from our overhead sun. Whenever we process images seen in a strongly angled light from either side, our brains struggle to make sense of where the shadows fall. (snorts...pushes glasses up on nose...)