Friday, January 22, 2016


The pillar in the herb garden, which is normally topped with a square planter of agaves, has been sitting naked for weeks. The planter spends the winter in the potting shed.

Surely I could find something to put on there for the winter months. Unbeknown to me, until the other day, I had just the perfect item in my potting shed.

I had a pair of gate pillar toppers, picked up at a garage sale, and no gate pillars on which to put them. Now I found the perfect place for at least one of them.

They were made by CHRISDON, of some kind of heavy resinous material. I checked out the name on the internet and found many items made by them but nothing like this pair. I am remebering back to the day when I found them. The end of a garage sale with lots of outdoor objects. I also found the pair of doves that sit on the bird bath as well as the stone balls in the front garden. The doves need a bit of a touch up to bring them back to their former glory.

So what to do with the other orb. Then I remembered the bird bath pillars in the front garden. I bought the two of them at a going out of business sale at Pots and Plants. They were missing their tops and at the time I thought they might work well to hold two glass globes I had inherited from a Gardeners' Supply photo shoot. This one survived the hail storm but the other globe, in a more open position, was smashed.

Then I spotted another found object that was without a real home. A pot tiki torch. The colors were just perfect for the other pillar. I can't think why I didn't think about it before.

 The colors are just perfect and almost look as though they were made for each other. i must decide what to do with the stainless steel oil reservoir int he center.

And I still have to find a home for my other orb. Meanwhile it goes back on the potting shed shelf.


  1. How fun! I really like your glass orb too. And the tiki torch does match very well. Maybe the oil reserve can hold seeds for the birds?

  2. Elevation works wonders in the garden - drawing just the right kind of attention to your decor items. You have such a great touch with those- there's interest in your garden every single day no matter what the plants are up to!

    Though I like Renee's idea - I'd be concerned with seed in that reservoir - bird poop on the tiki as one drawback, and at least at my house, the squirrels would lose no time potentially knocking the torch off the stand in attempts to get every last seed for themselves.

    I'm wondering what that tiki setup looks like when placed upside down? Is the base unattractive underneath? Perhaps you simply flip it over for the time being and the opening is taken care of? Or perhaps you have another smaller globe that would perch on top? Regardless of the solution you find - and I know you will fine one! - I love that shape - it reminds me of barrel cactus.

  3. I love it when I get suggestions from readers for my little problems. I did like Renee's idea but then Deb made me think twice about that one. As to turning upside down, I don't think that will work because I will lose that lovely mottled surface.To begin with I had a little succulent in the reservoir but I don;t think that would look good in this situation. Maybe just a simple cover would work best or leave as is.

  4. Love the tiki torch's colors! Why not leave the oil cup as-is? Very nice!

  5. I love "shopping" in the garden shed! Such glorious impromptu designs, as always, of course.

  6. Isn't it amazing how, after looking at something for months or years, all of a sudden a new connection snaps into place? I love all the matches you created for your winter garden - you must have an impressive potting shed shelf!

  7. Love your creativity in the winter garden. Your garage sale collection is amazing - you’ve shown us so many interesting things that you’ve gotten over the years. You must go to all the right places!